Murderous imperialism:
hands off Iraq!

There is an apocalyptic war on the horizon, which will be triggered by the United States and Europe with or without the consent of the moribund body of the United Nations.

But Bush, Blair, Berlusconi and their business associates are only interested in putting their hands on Iraq’s oil and terrorising a proud people in the hope of breaking its resistance. Their aim is to force all of the exploited peoples of the Third World to bow down before the whip of Western multinational companies and "our" armies. Their intent is to suppress the reawakening that has seen the mobilisation of women, factory workers, school students and other people in the streets in order to be able to chain the wrists of the proletariat and the young by means of the repressive measures of a state of war.

But they have made their calculations in the absence of the host because, from the four corners of the world, there is an increasingly broader and better organised chorus of protest: "No to the war!" and "No to racism!" – the anti-Arab, anti-Islam and anti-immigrant racism that will an inevitable consequence of the attack against Iraq. However, in order to paralyse and disorganise the monstrous machinery of war set in motion by Western imperialism, and ensure that this aggression returns like a boomerang to break the teeth of the people who have triggered it, it is necessary to do more, much more. Starting from 15 February, we have to broaden the mass mobilisation to its greatest extent and not stop with the "winning" of a sort of anti-war referendum after which everyone returns home to watch TV with horrified eyes. We have to press and organise ourselves in such a way that, when the war breaks out, workers everywhere respond with a general and generalised strike. We have to unite here our fight against the war with our battles to defend our own working conditions and our own rights, with the single aim of throwing Berlusconi’s government into the streets. We have to reject its racist campaigns against immigrants and, above all (and first of all), demonstrate that we are fully and concretely on the side of the Iraqi people under attack and the exploited people of all of the other countries oppressed by "our" civilised and democratic West. Their resistance and their struggle against their aggressors are also ours because it is only by uniting the energies and hopes of the exploited of every race, country and religion into a single, strong and fraternal world front that we can defeat a system that sucks our lifeblood day after day and would now, once again, like to see us at each other’s throats.

At a time such as this, the message of communists and whoever else really wants "peace with justice" cannot be anything other than: