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Che fare n.75 Dicembre 2011 - Marzo 2012

Riportiamo a fianco la traduzione del testo di uno dei volantini  diffusi nei mesi scorsi dalla nostra Organizzazione.

Here we report the English version of one of the leaflets by our Organisation.

Against the “cure” proposed by Ecb and the Monti’s Government! The only Union to fight for is the one between the proletarians! Between the proletarians of the South Europe and those of the North Europe! Between European  proletarians and the immigrant proletarians! Between the European  proletarians and those of other continents!

 The Berlusconi’s government finally went home! In their place now we have professor Monti, a president of the  congress who, instead of escort girls and dancers, chose to surround himself by a team of serious and professional ministers who speak about rigor as well as about social equity and growth and, moreover, seem autonomous of

patronage parties.

Everything’s going ok, then? After a dark age, is it possible to see, even at the price of new sacrifices, a glimmer of light job-wise? Our answer is absolutely negative!

Berlusconi-Bossi and their gang (unfortunately) weren’t sent home by the proletarians, but by the big Italian and European capitalists who, even if appreciating the action conducted in fifteen years by the centre-right party against the workers, and only after participating in the robbery of the South-world, understood that it was time to change

a horse to bet on. Why? Because the Berlusconi-Bossi government (torn inside by conflicts between rivaling inner circles preoccupied mostly about their own pathetic and immediate bourgeois interests) showed itself incapable of taking measures that the Italian and European kings of the finance and industry demanded loudly.

What are those measures?

The Euro crises is the symptom of the European Union’s risk of being overrun by the giants of globalized competition like United States and China. In order to escape this destiny, the laws of functioning in the capitalistic system imposed to European business companies and governments to take an obligatory way: to centralize their forces on the  continental level and project a large restructuration with the aim of rendering the European Union more competitive, more cohesive and stronger at the worldwide market. By the way, what does it mean “the reviving of the competition” in the European Union? It means that the owners and the shareholders of the multinational companies and big banks need to appropriate a larger share of capital produced by the workers in Europe and that the later, in competition with workers of other continents, must work longer, harder, more intensively and speedly.

To achieve this results, the owners, kings of finance, and the European government must create a situation in which every single worker feels alone and undefended when facing the company directors and in competition with other workers. That’s why they want to destroy the collective tutelages that were conquered in the past century thanks to

proletarian battles (pensions, sanity, etc). That’s the reason why they are so worried to make the market places more flexible! That’s why the Bce letter and the first Monti’s declarations talk about increasing the age of retirement and about accelerating the passage to contributory system. For the same reason they want to eliminate the National

bargaining, increase the salary quote dependence on the company profit trend, favorite the overtime work, and so on. In spite of modulations and different timings, it’s the same music that’s played in Greece, in Spain and on the rest of the continent.

To “revive the competition” of Italian corporations, Italian and European owners, moreover, need to build modern infrastructure and to introduce more efficient productive machines. Aiming at that, they can no longer permit that the wealth sucked from the working part of the world disappears into parasite and corporation streams as it happened with Berlusconi-Bossi government. It goes directed to the same fundamental projects.

In order to obtain it, the owners and the Monti’s government have intent to make more efficient the public administration and services, and to rake over the financial requests from the pockets of the bourgeoisie and parasite levels as well that so far paid little or nothing. Monti and the big capitalists behind him put the accent to this second slope of their “cure” in order to show how equal their program is. They know that the European states and the  European Union cannot face the actual levels of the world competition without a profound collaboration between the social class of those who exploits and the exploited themselves. They push on, practically, in order to make the world of work accept their healing program on basis of the equal distribution of sacrifices. It is out of this necessity that Napolitano calls for the citizenship rights to be conceded to the immigrant workers’ children born in Italy. Given

that the immigrant workers represent a fundamental component of European job market, Napolitano suggests that concession by making the immigrant workers feel “a part of the nation” they will become ready to accept the  sacrifices necessary for the revival of European competitiveness and also to defend the European imperialist goals in a military uniform when required.

But can it really be a revival with positive longterm consequences for the workers, as Napolitano and Monti keep repeating?

Speaking abstractly, should this strategy take place, it could result in a (very provisory) cushioning of the loss of purchasing power of the salaries and retirement funds. But at what price? It would lead into an utter slavery, marked by obsessive working rhythms and a militarization of workers in the name of the big economy politics in concurrency with the workers from the other continents. Following that road, the workers of Europe (both European and immigrant) would end up armed and pushed to massacre (or get massacred) the workers of other continents through military wars aiming a partitioning of the planet between the giants of the world capital, the giants that live a true nightmare in the current state of globalized concurrency.

We, the revolutionary communists of Oci, warn you to see the Monti government as an enemy of proletarians, an enemy that needs to be fought. We don’t think at all that the alternative can be found in Northern league or similar forces who contest Monti in the name of “micro-homelands” as opposed to his design of Big Europe. The solution proposed by Northern league would be equally devastating. We learned it from the tragedy of ex-Yugoslavia: fragmented in regions and small states, European proletariat would anyhow end up a victim of big planetary forces and dreggy local bourgeoisie. The only way to fight the pan-European project born from the globalization of the capital is to refuse the Monti-ideated sacrifices through an organized mass battle and to start establishing the first organizational ties between the workers of various nations in the perspective of an international and internationalist battle.

If we broaden our sights beyond the frontiers of Italy we’ll see that, in spite of huge difficulties, we’re not starting from the scratch. For several years the workers in Asia, Africa and South America fight to obtain higher salaries, better norms and full realization of their right to syndical organization. This battle they’re fighting is going against the international concurrency stream that the multinational corporations, financial kings and “our” governments push forward to make us tear each other apart with teeth and nails! The European workers share the interest in refusing the attempts of their own governments and capitalists to drag them into this spiral of concurrency between the exploited.

With this goal in mind, the fight against the “cure” imposed by Bce and the Monti government must include the fight against racism, the fight to crush down the walls that divide Italian and European workers from immigrant workers, the fight to stop the robbery wars and oppression (masked as the defending and liberation of people!) conducted from

Italy and Europe in the South world, most recently against the people of Libya, and in preparation against Syria and Iran.

One of the objectives of these wars is to cut down the global awakening movement that rose among the proletarian masses in Asia, Africa and South America. The opposition to Western “military missions” and an unconditional support to the people of the South in their resistance against the invasions of their lands staged by western grasshoppers is a vital piece of the political battle to stop, here in Europe, the plans of Bce, Banca d’Italia, European

imperialism and international capitalism. Those are the main pieces of the puzzle necessary to favor the constitution of the revolutionary proletarian party based on the Marxist doctrine that such a battle needs.

Che fare n.75 Dicembre 2011 - Marzo 2012


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