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Che fare n.76 Giugno - Ottobre  2012

Murderous West, hands off Syria and Iran!

Supporting the resistance of the working masses of

Syria, Iran and Arab-Islamic world to the new Western aggression!


The United States, Europe and Israel are accelerating their preparations for military aggression against Syria and then Iran. To this end, Washington, London, Rome and Paris have launched a false and infamous campaign aiming to win the consent of the Western and Middle East workers to the war in preparation.

They say they want to help the Syrian people getting rid of Assad and to enable them to build a better future. It is the same propaganda with which the Western powers have prepared the war, the devastation and occupation of Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Those are lies they are spreading to justify the cowardly NATO bombing against Tripoli and the Libyan people last spring.

Western governments want to make believe they are “liberators” of the oppressed. But just yesterday those same governments along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia (whose intelligence services are very active in support of the so-called Syrian “resistance”) have violently suppressed the struggle of the Bahrain’s workers claiming trade union rights, better living conditions and political freedom through public protests on the streets of their city.

The truth is totally different.

Syria is a bridge-land between Iran, the Lebanese movement Hezbollah and the Palestinian national movement. This front of states and political movements in the region is pursuing a policy that seeks to create a capitalistic development not completely subordinated to the West. Western imperialism wants to destroy this front in order to have free hand in the region, to continue encircling China and to crush the resistance of the working masses of that area.

The US and the EU have been seeking for years to achieve this goal, trying to make Syria and Iran implode under the strokes of sanctions and IMF’s blackmail. But they haven’t succeeded to do that. Furthermore, two recent facts have weakened even more the Western grip in the region: 1) two pro-Western regimes, those of Ben Ali and of Mubarak have been swept away by the magnificent struggle of popular and proletarian movements which broke out in Egypt and Tunisia last spring, and 2) China has strengthened its alliances with Iran and several African countries.

This situation has led the U.S. and the E.U. to take a quantum leap in their attack on the Arab-Islamic world: they have organized and completed in a few months the reconquest of Libya, have organized the secession of southern Sudan (the area rich in oil which saw a growing presence of Chinese companies), put a target on Syria and Assad’s government in order to repeat the feat accomplished in Libya.

In front of the aggression that the criminal Western war machine is organizing against Syria, the first task of the working masses of Syria and of the whole region is to fight against the imperialist offense. In this battle they cannot count on the policy by which the Syrian ruling class is trying not to get carried away by imperialism. This policy, as evidenced by the bitter experience of the relations between the Palestinian national movement and the Syrian Republic, doesn’t want and cannot favour, for example, the deployment of the only weapon capable of stopping Western aircraft carriers and fighter-bombers: the armed mobilization of the working masses. That does not mean, however, that it should be supported the so-called Syrian “resistance”, mostly composed of reactionary and enriched classes which are invoking the intervention of U.S. and European armies. As the recent experience in Libya demonstrates, if the proletarians and the poor peasants fall into the trap set by the Syrian “resistance”, they would sign their capitulation to the Western powers and their own sentence to the future of slavery.

Because of how the international capitalistic system works, it is only in the fire of battle against imperialism that the exploited masses of Syria and the area will be able to gain a political direction capable of leading a coherent battle against the West and, in this context, settling the score with the national bourgeoisie.

We internationalist communists of the OCI call the Middle East workers not to repeat what happened during the criminal bombing of the Libyan people when the exploited and oppressed people in the region remained largely indifferent to Western aggression against Tripoli. At the same time, we will fight as always so that the Italian and Western workers refuse any kind of support to their governments and unconditionally take side of the struggle of the Syrian, Arab and Islamic working masses against the imperialism.

We communist internationalists of the OCI say that the main enemy of European and Western proletarians is at home!

Che fare n.76 Giugno - Ottobre  2012


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