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Che fare n.77 dicembre 2012 - aprile 2013

The following is the text of the leaflet distributed by our organization to markets.


Europe and United States, hands off of Syria and Iran!

The western aggression against Syria is also directed against the workers of the West itself!

U.S. and EU have imposed new heavy sanctions on Syria. According to television and newspapers, these sanctions, that are practically opening the way  to the military intervention, should serve to help the workers and the Syrian people to improve their living conditions and their rights.

Not true!

The media keep singing the same song that they already sang on the eve of the "missions" launched by U.S. and European powers in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. What did really these "missions" serve for? What "benefit" did they bring to the people and workers of the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya?

The "humanitarian mission" NATO  have thrown in hell the people and workers of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

In what consists the help of Western democracies to the Arab peoples, we have already seen in Bahrain in 2011, with the promotion and support of the repression accomplished by Qatar and Saudi Arabia against the hundreds of thousands of workers who hit the streets in Bahrain to claim political and union rights.

The sanctions imposed and the "humanitarian mission" that the West is preparing against Syria are, in fact, a continuation of the "Infinite War" declared by Bush and by European powers to the nations of the South struggling against super-exploitation given them by centuries of colonial and neo-colonial domination and against the government rented premises to diplomats and  to Western banks.

At the end of the fifties of the twentieth century, this struggle has succeeded to sweep away the puppet regimes that U.S. and European powers installed in Iraq and Syria. In 1969 it was time of the monarchy of King Idris built up at Tripoli by the US, Great Britain and Italy. In 1979 it was the turn of the puppet regime of the Shah in Iran.

The anti-imperialist resistance of the exploited people of the Arab and Islamic world also drew an unlimited thrust from the flame of the struggle of the Palestinian people.

U.S. and European powers thought that the occupation of Iraq the Baath and Afghanistan would be enough to crush the resistance of the people of the Middle East and to reinforce their plans of domination and plunder. But it wasn't so!

True, the western military occupation did devastate Iraq and Afghanistan, but the anti-imperialist resistance of the exploited, although perched around a political flag (the respective national bourgeoisies Baathist or khomeiniste) unable to guide their unification into a coherent front of struggle against Western domination, has not ceased to throb.  It has been strengthened in Lebanon, resulting in the defeat of the IDF by Hezbollah in 2006. In 2011 it was strengthened in Egypt and Tunisia, where authentic popular uprisings have thrown down regimes of Mubarak and Ben Ali enforced in the West.

Faced with this situation, Obama (the so-called friend of the Muslims) and the European governments (the so-called friends of the Arabs) have launched a counteroffensive.

They attacked Libya, have caused the secession of South Sudan and began the encirclement of Syria and Iran.

Their scope is to break up the heavy struggle for the emancipation of the proletariat and the working people of the area, from Palestine to Lebanon to Iran. By doing so, their scope is to hit at the same time all the workers of the world, South to East, to China, and Latin America.

To repeat in Syria what the West has already done in Iraq and Libya, Western diplomats are organizing and arming the so-called Syrian "rebels" (groups of mercenaries in collusion with imperialism and in league with Syrian and Iranian business classes), and are trying to oppose the people based on religion: Muslims against Christians, Shiites against Sunnis, etc..

This new neo-colonial war that the West is about to launch is directed against the workers of the West, as well. According the voice of the media if the West is to re-establish its dominance in the Middle East, the price of oil and gasoline would drop, bearing benefits to the workers of the West too.

The truth is quite the opposite!

The submission of workers in the South world backfires, inevitably, against the workers of the western metropolis, because, for example, it enables the owners to oppose workers of the various areas of the world to relocate their companies where labor cost is lower and trade union and politics rights are close to zero. The aggression on Syria and Iran is the flipside of the attack that the employers and the Monti's government are leading against workers in Italy with the counter-reforms of the labor market, with the fake amnesties for immigrants, with beatings of workers who are opposed to dismissals ...

The Western workers have an interest to report and stand up against the new chapters in this "Infinite War". They have an interest in unconditionally supporting the resistance to imperialist plans for the people and workers in Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Palestine.

They have an interest in preparing the development of a general struggle against the internal politics and against the Monti's government foreign policy  and the EU.

They have an interest in fighting for the prospect of a rising international workers' struggle of the West and those of the world arabic-islamic and the rest of the South and the East, against the social system that oppresses, although the different extents and different forms, the one and the other.

Che fare n.77 dicembre 2012 - aprile 2013


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