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Che fare n.82 maggio 2015 - novembre 2015

This is the leaflet that we have distributed in March 2015.

Against the Italian Governmentís policy in Africa and in Middle East!

A propaganda campaign has been going on for weeks in Italy: a media campaign aiming at preparing the ground for a new military intervention of the Western powers in Libya. The Renziís government and the mass media say that it is necessary a new intervention (probably under the UNís auspices) to stop the "bloody civil war", to restore peace in the country, and to make Italyís southern borders and coasts safer. These are all big lies. The reality is completely different.

In 2011, after six months of continuous carpet bombing, the Western countries (with France, UK, USA, and Italy in the front line) destroyed the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya leaded by Muammar Gaddafi, with the help of mercenary bands armed, supported, and paid by Washington, Rome, Paris, London.

The imperialist powers (Italy in the front line) sank the Libyan Republic because its politics were not completely kneeling to the EUís and USAís wishes. In fact, the Libyan Republic of Gaddafi was aiming at building a network of independent commercial, monetary and manufacturing relationships among North and Central African countries, free from the direct control of the Western powers, also by arrangements with the Chinese capitalist power. Moreover, by destroying Libya the imperialist countries wanted also to fight back the working masses of Egypt and Tunisia, that had just overthrown the pro-Western dictators Mubarak and Ben Ali.

The Western capitalist powers were hoping to rule the country and to plunder all its resources and manpower through local puppets. This project has not been fully successful until now. Among the reasons that prevented the imperialist criminals to completely subjugate Libya are the conflicts among them, and between them and their Middle East allied (Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Israel). The Italian capitalists, who for more than one hundred years have been considering Libya as their home courtyard, want to grab the largest slide of the pie. This is the reason why the Italian government and institutions are pushing now for a new wide neo-colonialist military intervention in Libya, after having contributed to devastate that country, to instigate regional conflicts, to leave millions of Libyan workers penniless.

The incessant racist campaign of the Italian and European media that depicts Muslims as bloodthirsty wild beasts and the campaign against immigrant workers have the purpose of deceiving Italian and European workers, in order to obtain their full support to the oppression and robbery politics of the Western powers.

This propaganda campaign has to be denounced and Western countriesí proletariat have the interest to fight the war and "peace" politics, carried on by their "own" governments and states. The immigrant workers and the Arab-Islamic working masses are not a threat for the Italian and European workers, but precious potential class allies, so as to give and receive strength from each other, against a common enemy who exploits both the ones and the others, although in different degrees.

Or we will start to go in this direction, or step by step, and without even noticing, we will be more and more sucked into a tragic and fratricidal clash with the exploited masses of the South of the world and with the workers of the emerging countries. A suicide clash that would be solely for the benefit of our "own" capitalists and exploiters.

Che fare n.82 maggio 2015 -novembre 2015


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