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Che fare n.84 dicembre 2016 - maggio 2017

This is the leaflet we distributed in September 2016.

Abd Elsalam assassinated while manifesting in front of the factory gates!

 The September 14, 2016 an Egyptian immigrant worker, Abd Elsalam, was murdered while he was taking part in a fight on his workplace, the GLS of Piacenza, an important logistics and shipping company that, besides, supplies the Italian large retail chains.

This worker, hired with a permanent employment, was participating at a picket line together his fellow of work; they did this to block the exit of goods from the gates of the company warehouses. The goal of the struggle was to get the respect of the deal that was conquered with strikes and demonstrations in the previous months. The agree­ment provided the hiring in a stable form for nine temporary workers used by GLS from long time.

On the evening of September 14, a corporate leader has instigated the driver of a truck to force the picket line. The truck started and crushed under the wheels Abd Elsalam. The police headquarters of Piancenza and the judiciary have cataloged this tragedy as a “car accident”!

The “accident” was actually murder! It is the result of an aggressive and resentful social climate against workers, against immigrant, against every form, however small, of collective defense by workers, against any attempt to stem the divisions and conflicts between workers, firstly that between Italian workers and immigrant workers.

The main perpetrators of this climate are the Renzi government and the ruling class.

In fact, the Renzi government and the employers lead the offensive to limit the space of union and political freedoms in the workplace and to restrict the exercise of the right to strike.

To impose the despotism in the companies, the Renzi government and the capitalists are leveraging on the existing division between Italian workers and immigrant worker. They rekindled that divisions in every way, even with the infamous campaign of the media against Islam. It’s just a coincidence that the murderer tir pounced against one of the immigrant workers, protagonists of the Piacenza fight?

To limit and devitalize the organized capability of defense of the workers, the Renzi government and the ruling class are also leveraging on the increasing insecurity of labor relations, a weapon that employers use to force the workers to accept working conditions increasingly dangerous and unhealthy (from the beginning of the year to now, more than 500 workers had died at work, murdered by the murderous hand of capitalist exploitation).

Well, Abd Elsalam was an immigrant worker, father of five children, he and his fellow workers were trying to counter this ca­pitalist pincer; he fight to overcome the division between temporary workers and permanent workers, he was working to correct the (o deadly rift o…) mortal detachment between Italian workers and immigrant workers, detachment dug deliberately by the masters and by the institutions.

In fact, Renzi government and the “race of masters” are the politi­cians instigator of his death.

The same people that, together the other Western government, mur­der every day thousands of Abd Elsalam in Libya and in the Middle East with the economic dictat, “smart bomb, the “peace” contingents.

What happened in Piacenza concern all the workers, immigrants and Italians. It is a dramatic sign that shows how e how much the masters (all masters!), if they aren’t hampered by the organized force of workers, they are daily becoming more arrogant and demanding.

There were strikes against the “accident” in some northern Italian companies after the assassination of Abd Elsalam. These are initia­tives have been limited, but, nevertheless, they was very important because they have contributed and are contributing to reiterate that it is necessary and possible for the workers to defend themselves from capitalist attack.

For this purposethe effort to organizing the struggle are associated with those to launch a debate among the workers on how much is vital counter the divisions among their ranks and counter the policies that favour them. There are the politics of companies among these policies with which the companies get dragged the single worker in their interest against the whole of the workers; there are the politics of racism and of neo colonial aggression that the West imperialist leads against the peoples of the Arab and Muslim world.

Che fare n.84 dicembre 2016 - maggio 2017


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