Stop the war on Iran before it starts!  

It is with grave concern that we observe the growing threat of a new U.S. war--this time against the people of Iran.

The media is filled with reports of an alleged nuclear threat posed by Iran and the assumed need for the U.S. to take military action. These reports recall the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" stories issued in the months leading up to the war on Iraq.

In the lead up to the illegal invasion of Iraq, the Bush Administration asserted that Iraq possessed massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and that it was capable of launching an attack - nuclear, chemical and biological - on the U.S. within 45 minutes.

President Bush said that the U.S. had to attack immediately, and could not "wait for the final proof -- the smoking gun -- that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud." We all know now that this propaganda campaign was a complete fabrication created to justify a war of aggression.

Now we see reports that are all too similar being made to justify military action against the people of Iran. Taking Iran to the UN Security Council is a prelude for unilateral action. Just as in the case of Iraq, none of the claims made by the U.S. government stand up to unbiased scrutiny. Iran has submitted to the most intrusive and humiliating inspections, above and beyond what is required by Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). None of the inspections have found any evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons program.

There is only one government that has used nuclear weapons against civilian populations, and that same nation has the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction on the planet. Most dangerous and incredible it is at this very moment developing a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons that it intends to use, not merely to threaten. That country is, of course, the United States. Shouldn't any real discussion of the dangers of nuclear weapons include the weapons stockpiled by the Pentagon and the history of U.S. aggression and interventions?

Iran has suffered greatly at the hands of the U.S. We recall the U.S. overthrew the democratically elected government of Dr. M. Mossadegh and returned the Shah to the Peacock Throne – ‘the proudest achievement of the CIA’. For 25 years the Shah ruled Iran with an iron fist for the benefit of U.S. oil corporations before the people of Iran, in the millions, overthrew his tyranny at a terrible cost in lives. For the past 27 years U.S. sanctions have impeded Iran’s right to development and brought great suffering to the people.

It is essential that all voices opposed to the devastation of a new war in the Middle East speak out now. We urge an immediate end to Washington's campaign of sanctions, hostility, and falsehood against the people of Iran. We oppose any new U.S. aggression against Iran. We need funds for human needs, not endless war for empire.

Initial Signers (add your name)

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Detroit Archdiocese*, Founding President, Pax Christi*
The Most Rev. Filipe C Teixeira
, OFSJC, Diocesan Bishop, Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi, CCA

Michael Parenti
, author

Ramsey Clark
, former U.S. Attorney General
Howard Zinn, author, historian
George Galloway, MP, Britain
Tony Benn, MP, Britain
Denis J. Halliday, former UN Assistant Secretary-General
Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Margarita Papandreou, former First Lady of Greece
Ardeshir Ommani, co-founder of American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC)
Ervand Abrahamian, Prof. ME History, Author, Between Two Revolutions
David N. Rahni, Professor and scholar, NY
David Sole, President UAW, Local 2334*, Detroit
Steve Gillis, President, USWA Local 8751*

Fellowship of Reconciliation, Nyack, NY
Thomas Koppel and Annisette, of the Scandanavian Popular Music Band Savage Rose

Dirk Adriaensens, coordinator SOS Iraq, exec. committee Brussells Tribunal)
Fatemeh Abdollahzadeh, Professor, Central Conn State University*, New Britain, CT
Dirk Adriaensens, coordinator SOS Iraq, exec. committee Brussells Tribunal
Amir Hossein Afrassiabi, Architect/poet, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Moji Agha, Founder, Universal Coalition For Interfaith And Intercultural Knowledge And Action (UCIIKA)*, Tucson, AZ
Sima Aprahamian, Asst. Prof. & Fellow, Sociology-anthropology & Simone De Beauvoir Institute*, Montreal, Canada
Hani Y. Awadallah, President, Arab American Civic Organization
Axis of Logic
Dr. Barbara Nimri Aziz, Executive producer of RadioTahrir-WBAI-NY
Afshin Babazadeh, Poet, London, United Kingdom
Brian Barraza, AMAT, Association of Mexican American Workers
Sharon Black, All Peoples Congress
Hamid Bonyadi, Legal advisor/Advocate, Attorney At Law, Teheran, Iran
Jean Bricmont, Brussels Tribunal
Brookline PeaceWorks
John Catalinotto, Editor – Metal of Dishonor
Ed Childs, Chief Steward, Unite Here Local #26*
Michel Collon, writer, publicist, Stop USA
Heather Cottin, Freeport Community Worklink Center*
Tiphaine Dickson, attorney
LeiLani Dowell, Queers for Peace & Justice
Gregory Elich, author, researcher
Elena Everett, Chair, NC Green Party*, Co-Chair, GPAX (Green Party Peace Action Committee)*
Leslie Feinberg, Nat'l Lgbt Caucus Co-chair, National Writers' Union/UAW*, Jersey City, NJ
Sara Flounders, International Action Center
Lenora Foerstel, Vice Pres. Women for Mutual Security*
John Bellamy Foster, Editor, Monthly Review*, Eugene, OR*
Tiokasin Ghosthorse, First Voices Indigenous Radio
Peter Gilbert, FIST – Fight Imperialism, Stand Together
Farrukh Sohail Goindi, Foundation for Democracy-Pakistan
Teresa Gutierrez, NY Committee to Free the Cuba 5
Samia Halaby, Defend Palestine, NYC
Bagher R. Harand, Upper Grandview, NY
Klaus Hartmann, Chairman, German Freethinkers Association
Jesse Lokahi Heiwa,
Imani Henry, Playwright/Performer
Nellie Hester Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council
Sherif Hetata, MD, novelist,International Coordinating Committee of the Mediterranean Social Forum*
Connie Hogarth, director, Connie Hogarth Center For Social Action, Manhattanville College*, Purchase, NY
Larry Holmes, Troops Out Now Coalition
Eric Hooglund, Editor, Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies, Hamline University*, St. Paul MN
Yoomi Jeong, Korea Truth Commission
Berta Joubert-Ceci, Philadelphia International Action Center
Charlotte Kates, NJ Solidarity – Activists for the Liberation of Palestine
Khadouri al-Kaysi, Committee to Support the Iraqi People
Nada Khader, Director of WESPAC* Foundation
Beth Lamont, NY Humanist Society*
Dustin Langley, No We Wont Go counter-recruiting network
The Audre Lorde Project,
Robert Merrill, Ph.D.,Professor, Maryland Institute College of Art*, Baltimore, MD
MLK, Jr. Bolivarian Circle, Boston
Morteza Mohit, Glendale, CA
Monica Moorehead, Millions for Mumia
Milan Neuberg, President, The Party of Democratic Socialism, Czech Republic
New England Human Rights for Haiti
Erik-Anders Nilsson, Jersey City Peace Movement
Eleanor Ommani, American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC)
Goli Ostadiar, Stop War with Iran, Tehran, Iran
John Parker,
Pam Parker, shop steward, Washington/Baltimore Newspaper Guild(WBNG) #32035
Rostam Pourzal, Iranian Cultural Association*, Washington DC
Ralph Poynter, New Abolitionist Movement*
Minnie Bruce Pratt, Lesbian Author/activist, National Writers Union*, Jersey City, NJ
Anne Pruden, 1199 SEIU delegate*
Milos Raickovich, composer, New York
Sami Ramadani, Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University*, London, United Kingdom
Mohammad Reza Rasaei, PhD, Univerity Of Tehran*, Tehran, Iran
Gloria Rubac, Steward, Houston Federation of Teachers, Local 2415*
Nawal El Saadawi, Writer and Psychiatrist, President, Arab Women's Solidarity Association*,
Nader Sadeghi, Associate Professor of Surgery, George Washington University*, Washington, DC,
Roudabeh Shafie, Founder, Action Iran, London, United Kingdom
Njeri Shakur, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement
Reza Shirazi, Radio Producer, Fairfax Public Access TV*, Fairfax, VA
Nana Soul, Artists and Activists United for Peace
Annie & Buddy Spell, Covington Peace Project, Covington LA
Lynne Stewart, attorney
Lynne Stewart Defense Committee
Johnnie Stevens, Peoples Video Network
Brenda Stokely, New York City Labor Against the War
Kambiz Sur Esrafil Jahangir, Founder/Secretary General, Iranian Diaspora Against Defamation And Aggression, San Diego, CA
David Swanson, Co-Founder, After Downing Street, Charlottesville, VA
Mark Lewis Taylor, Professor of Religion & Culture, Princeton Theological Seminary*
Nadje Tesich, Author, Playwright, Poet
Usavior, Artists and Activists United for Peace
Tony Van Der Meer, Prof. Univ. of Massachusetts*, Boston, MA
Saeed Vaseghi, Professor, Brunel University*, London, United Kingdom
Klaus von Raussendorff, Association for International Solidarity*, Germany
Michael Tarif Warren, attorney
Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO*
Walter Williams, People Judge Bush

Full list of signers (List in formation. Last updated 3/10/06)
Organizational/group signers:
14 Friends Of Palestine, Novato, CA
9-11 Revelations Group, Minneapolis, MN
A Concerned American Iranian, Novato, CA
Academics For Peace, Albany, NY
Action Coalition Of Taos, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Action Iran, London, United Kingdom
Activist Without Borders, Orlando, FL
Advocacy For Justice, Saginaw, MI
After Downing Street, Charlottesville, VA
Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Bloomington, IN
Against The War In Iraq, Greencastle, IN
Aghia Sophia Children's Hospital, Athens, Greece
AID, Inc, Hightstown, NJ
Alberni Social Justice Group, Port Alberni, BC, Canada
Aldrig Mere Krig, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Alice Peace And Justice Coalition, Alice, TX
Al-Iqamah Movement, Johannesburg, South Africa
All Pakistan Federation Of United Trade Unions (apfutu), Gujrat, MN, Pakistan
American Citizen, Seymour, TX
American Heritage Service, Inc. And The Ecotopian Society, Brodhead, WI
Americans Against The War - Paris, Paris, France
Americans For A Palestinian State Political Action Committee, Oakland, CA
Americans For Peace And Justice, Montpellier France, Montpellier, NC, France
Anti Imperialist Camp Italian Group, Perugia, Italy
Anti War Coalition South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa
Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement, Sarasota, FL
Anti-Imperialist Camp, Vienna, Austria
Applied Creativity, Inc., Seminole, FL
Arab and African Research Centre (AARC), Giza, Egypt
Arab Journal, Woodridge, IL
Arabic Translation Center, San Francisco, CA
Arc-a Return To Center, San Francisco, CA
Arge Wehrdienstverweigerung, Salzburg, Austria
Arms Against War, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Artists Against The Occupation, Tokyo, Japan
Ashton Place- Assisted Living, Sarasota, FL
Asociación De Espčcialistas Universitarias En Estudios De La Mujer., Buenos Aires, Argentina
ATTAC Deutschland, Hamburg, Germany
ATTAC Germany - Region Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
ATTAC International, Buenos Aires, Argentina
AUM, Winston-Salem, NC
AUT, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Autodeterminación Y Libertad, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Axis Of Logic, Boston, MA
Baker Consulting Group, Issaquah, WA
Bastaguerra-Associazione Pacifista, Roma- Italia, Italy
Bay Area United Against War, San Francisco, CA
Beaconhouse School System, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Beena Vision Systems, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Global Education, Eugene, OR
Berkeley Women In Black, Berkeley, CA
Bernalillo County Green Party, Albuquerque, NM
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Beyond Today, Chicago, IL
Birmingham Peace Project, Birmingham, AL
Bloomington Peace Action Coalition, Nashville, IN
Boston Anti-Zionist Committee, Acton, MA
Boulivarian Circle, Santa Monica, CA
Broward Antiwar Coalition, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Bunker Art Group, Los Angeles, CA
Butte County Employees Association, Oroville, CA
Byte Me! Ebooks Inc., Reno, NV
California Engineering, Inc., Tarzana, CA
California Prison Focus, San Francisco, CA
Cambridge Town & Gown Against War Mongering, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Camp Casey-Crawford, Tucson, AZ
Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament, London, United Kingdom
Campus Anti-war Network - VCU Chapter, Richmond, VA
Canada, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Candian Voice Of Women For Peace, Wolfville, NS, Canada
Carlisle Peace College, Carlisle, PA
Casa De Sousa Coffee House, Los Angeles, CA
Cattail Music, Ltd, Brattleboro, VT
Central Euroasian Studies, Göteborg, Sweden
Central Florida Veterans For Peace, Daytona Beach, FL
Central NJ Coalition For Peace And Justice, Fair Haven, NJ
Central Vermont Peace And Justice, Rutland, VT
Centre For Asia Pacific Partnership, Tokyo, Japan
Centre For Research On Globalization (CRG), Terrasse Vaudreuil, QC, Canada
Che List, N. Vancouver, BC, Canada
Cheshm Andaz Iran, Teharn, Iran
Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs, Kamuela, HI
Church Of Mary Magelene, Nashville, TN
CIC, Tallahassee, FL
Citizens For A United Earth, Ionia, NY
Citizens For Just Democracy, Amarillo, TX
Citizens For Legitimate Government, Pittsburgh, PA
Citizens For Truth & Justice-Maui County, Pa`ia, Maui, HI
Citizens To Elect Green Party Congressional Candidiate Byron De Lear In The 28th District-san Fernando Valley, Ca, Sherman Oaks, CA
City College Of New York, New York, NY
CK Green Inc, Omaha, NE
Coalition Against Racism (CAR), Winterville, NC
Coalition For A World Parliament And Global Democracy, Seattle, WA
Coalition For Peace And Justice, Linwood, NJ
Coalition To Free The Angola3, New York, NY
Coastal Convergence Society, Huntington Beach, CA
CodePink Of Tallahassee, Fla, Tallahassee, FL
CodePink Orlando/, Orlando, FL
CodePinkForPeace, Sherwood, AR
COFAVI Comisión De Familiares De Víctimas De La Violencia Social De Argentina, Lomas De Zamora Buenos Aires, Argentina
Communist Party Usa Wisconsin Section, Green Bay, WI
Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Ferrara, Italy
Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Roma, Italy
Community Health Center, Amherst, MA
Community Organizing Center, Columbus, OH
Concerned Citizens For Peace, Hemlock, NY
Concordia University, Montral, QC, Canada
Confederazione Cobas - Italy, Roma, Italy
Connie Hogarth Center For Social Action, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY
Consciously Living Center, Newport Beach, CA
Consultor Independiente, Heredia, Costa Rica
Corneilius Sings, London, United Kingdom
CVU Nordjylland, Langa, Denmark
Damian Coen, Moruya, Australia
Data-Eksperten, Askeby, Denmark
DAWN/DC Anti-War Network, Arlington, VA
Deja Vu PR, New York, NY
Democracy For America, Ferndale, WA
Democracy For America, Long Branch, NJ
Democracy For Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Democrats, Marietta, GA
Denver International Action Center, Denver, CO
Denver PDA, Denver, CO
Department Of Politics, European Studies And International Relations, Felsted, United Kingdom
Deseret Foundation For Peace, Murray, UT
Diocese Of Saint Francis Of Assisi, Cca, Brockton, MA
Dismedia, Aarhus, Denmark
Dragon Dynamics, Beith, United Kingdom
Dreamlabz Technologies, Kanpur, India
Ecumenical Peace Institute/CALC, Berkeley, CA
Edinburgh Stop The War, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Education, Zemst, Belgium
Elijah Speaks, Atlanta, GA
Emergency, Volterra, Italy
Enea, 00060 Rome, Italy
Enlightend Humanist Party, Dothan, AL
Environmentalists, Iranian Greens, Stockholm, Sweden, Arelee, SK, Canada
Episcopal Church, Wheeling, IL
Episcopal Peace And Justice Commission, Oklahoma City, OK
Episcopal Peace Fellowship Southwest Washington, Vancouver, WA
Esperanza Peace And Justice Center, San Antonio, TX
Essene, Sausalito, CA
European Peace Forum German Section, Berlin, Germany
Fantazine, Missoula, MT
Faringdon Peace Group, Faringdon, United Kingdom
Federal Comittee of The Peace Council (Germany), Kassel, Germany
Fellowship Of Reconciliation, Nyack, NY
Fife Stop The War Coalition, Anstruther, United Kingdom
Fondation On Multilateralim, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Formerly Food Not Bombs Etc., Brighton, MA
Franciscan Sisters, Rome, Italy
Free Ameica Now, Astoria, OR
Free Iraq Now, Anaheim, CA
Free People's Movement, New York, NY
Free Speech League, Winston Salem, NC
Freedom Socialist Party National Office, Seattle, WA
Fumc-tacoma Micah Project, Tacoma, WA
Gattacicova, London, United Kingdom
Gender And Politics, Opera (mi), Italy
Generals For Peace & Disarmamentt, Chalandri-athens, Greece
Ghost Troop, Houston, TX
Global Action To Prevent War, Columbia,, MO
Global Star Alliance, Geneva, Switzerland
Goldsmiths College, University Of London, London, United Kingdom
Gordon H. Wood Art & Design, Seattle, WA
Government Of The Usa In Exile, Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Grand Rapids Institute For Information Democracy, Grand Rapids, MI
Grannies Against George, Pensacola, FL
Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, Cleveland Heights, OH
Green Party, N.J., Ridgewood, NJ
Green Party Of Florida And Palm Beach County Green Party, Lake Worth, FL
Green Party Of Michigan - Detroit Greens, Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Green Party Of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN
Green Pary, Usa, Chapel Hill, NC
Gruppo Scint, Saxomboli, Italy
Guyanese-American Workers United, New York, NY
Haleh Family, Inc., Van Nuys, CA
Head Start, Corydon, KY
Heal, Seattle, WA
Heyyanka Foundation Switzerland, Courtemaîche, Switzerland
High Country Peace & Justice, Boone, NC
Home For Peace And Justice, Saginaw, MI
Homeless Of America, Los Angeles, CA
Hospice, Santa Rosa, CA
Hr-access, Noida, India
Http://, Mexico
Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter, Highland, NY
Humanist Party Of Italy, Milan, Italy
Humanitarian, Everett, WA
I.C.S., Glendora, CA
ICSSA, Ottawa, ON, Canada
IFEF, Brussels, Belgium
Implex, Los Angeles, CA
Independent Greens Of Virginia, Ruckersville, VA
Independent Journalist, Gainesville, FL
Indian Country Today, Syracuse, NY
Indonesian Institute Of Sciences, Jakarta, Indonesia
Industrial, Sadat City, Egypt
Inpdum-ws, Mocksville, NC
INPL-Nancy, Nancy, France
Institution Of Structural Engineers (UK), London, United Kingdom
Internation Network Of Sweethearts, Alameda, CA
International Action Center, New York, NY
International Advocates For Health Freedom, Point Roberts, WA
International Business, Deerfield, NY
International League Of Peoples' Struggles International Coordinating Committee, Vancouver, BC, Canada
International Longshore And Warehouse Union Local 400, Vancouver, BC, Canada
International Philosophers For Peace, Radford, VA
International Socialist Organization, Chicago, IL
Internationale Socialisten, Delft, Netherlands
IPPNW-Oberberg, Marienheide, Germany
Iran Freedom Society, Stockholm, Sweden
Iran National Front Usa, Fairfax, VA
Iranavaz, Stockholm, Sweden
Iranian Diaspora Against Defamation And Aggression, San Diego, CA
Iraq Veterans Against The War, San Francisco, CA, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Irish Human Rights Coalition, Scottsdale, AZ
Iritec, Toronto, ON, Canada
ISO, Bagdad, AZ
JMH3 Associates, Buffalo, NY
Justice For Palestinians, San Jose, CA
Kalvipani, Chennai, India
Kantoor Milieu & Energie, St. Odilienberg, Netherlands
Karl Marx Institute Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
KY Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, Louisville, KY
La Pulce, Solbiate Olona, Italy
La Tranchée Locale, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Labor Art & Mural Project, New Britain, CT
LAUSD, North Hollywood, CA
Lawrence Coalition For Peace And Justice, Lawrence, KS
Lawyers Against The War, Vancouver, BC, Canada
LCS, Rancho Murieta, CA
Left I On The News, CA
Left Party, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden, Fargo, ND
L'Hospitalet De Llobregat, Bar, Spain
Liberal Youth Of Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania
Linkspartei.pds,lv Hamburg, IA, Germany
Literacy Volunteers Of America, Willits, CA
London Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom
Los Alamos Study Group, Albuquerque, NM
M.O.V.E. Men Opposed To Violence Everywhere, Chester, VT
Malu `aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action, Kurtistown, HI
Manchester Metropolitran University, Manchester, United Kingdom
Maradeka, Alliance Of Muslim People Organizations In The Philippines, Manila, Philippines
Marina Shaell, Marina, CA, Iran
Marions For Peace, Ocala, FL
Marionsforpeace, Ocala, FL
Mariposa Democratic Club, Mariposza, CA
Marymount College Of Fordham University, Tarrytown, NY
Mechant Loup Production, Paris, France
Media For Thought, DC, MD
Medical Corpration Dojinkai, Skai, Japan
Medicine Hat & District Labour Council, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
Mediterranean League, Bronx, NY
Menschen Für Den Frieden, Düsseldorf, Germany
Mensoft Srl, Jud. Cluj, RI, Romania
Message Music, Inverness, FL
Metro DC Gray Panthers, Washington, DC
MFSO, Palisades Park, NJ
MHdesign And Con., Anaheim, CA
Michigan Chapter # 50, Veterans For Peace, Traverse City, MI
Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice, Detroit, MI
Middle East Crisis Committee, Woodbridge, CT
Military Family's Speak Out, Palisades Park, NJ
Millennium Solidarity Geneva Group, Geneva, Switzerland
Minjok-tongshin Internet Daily, Los Angeles, CA
Mission Beach Environmental Management Group, Carmoo, Australia
Missionaries Of The Sacred Heart Justice And Peace Centre, Australia, Erskineville NSW, Australia
MITF, Santa Rosa Ca, CA
MLPC/Peace Region Leftist Coalition, Edmonton, AB, Canada
MMU, Manchester, United Kingdom
Mona, Charleston, WV
Mothers Against War, New York, NY
Mountain Neighbors For Peace & Justice, Ruidoso, NM
Movement Against Uranium Project, Hyderabad, India
Movimiento 13 De Abril - Venezuela, Carabobo, Venezuela
Munich American Peace Committee, Munich, Germany, DE, Germany
Muslim Ummah, Houston, TX
Muslim Voters Of America, Oak Park, IL
MWAL, Vancouver BC, Canada
Nebraskans For Peace, Lincoln, NE
Nemesis Peace Centre, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Network For Envir. & Economic Responsibility United Church Of Christ, Pleasant Hill, TN
Network For Global Peace And Democrcy, Östersund, Östersund, Sweden
New Woman Foundation, Cairo, Egypt
New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association, Christchurch, New Zealand
New Zealand Peace Council, Wellington, New Zealand
NH Peace Action, Concord, NH
NIA Pacific, Santa Monica, CA
Non-Governmental Organizations Training Center (NGOTC), Tehran, Iran
Nonviolence International, Washington, DC
North Fork People Of Conscience, Southold, NY
North Shore Anti-war Coalition, Evanston, IL
Norwich & District Pecae Council, Norwich, United Kingdom
Norwich Stop The War Coalition, Norwich, United Kingdom
NPLA, New Patriot Liberation Association, Whitestone, NY
Nygaard Notes, Minneapolis, MN
Oklahoma Episcopal Peace And Justice Commission, Oklahoma City, OK
Old Westbury College, Babylon, NY
Olean Area Coalition For Peace And Justice, Hinsdale, NY
One World Life Systems, New York, NY
Open Asia, Paris, France
Open Mondays, Seattle, WA
Organization For Peace And Development, Lahore, Pakistan
Our Developing World, Saratoga, CA
Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Arlington, VA
Pagéro Moosiggs Munich, Munich, Germany
Park City For Peace, Park City, UT
Party Of The Democratic Socialism, Praha 5, Czech Republic
Patrick Henry Democratic Club, Santa Ana, CA
Pattern Interrupt, Mission Hills, CA
Pax Christi International, Fairfax, VA
Pax Christi Rochester, Rochester, NY
Pax Christi, Lafayette, LA
Payne Farm, Shortsville, NY
Pe Spa, Miano, Italy
Peace Action Of San Mateo County, San Mateo, Ca, CA
Peace And Justice Commission For The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Albany, NY
Peace And Justice, Cape May, NJ
Peace Center Of Nevada County, Nevada City, CA
Peace Cycle Japan, Nakatsu-city, Japan
Peace In The U.S.A., Earlville, IL
Peace Train Coalition, Ossining, NY
Penn State-University Park, Belcourt, ND
Peoples Assembly-Asemblea Popular, Providence, RI
People's Voice Newspaper, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Perinton Historical Society, Fairport, NY
Physicians For Peace, Chennai, India
Physicians For Social Responsibility, Erie, PA
Pixelfarm, Berne, Switzerland
Poets Against War, Port Townsend, WA
Prince William Sound Books, Valdez, AK
Private Practice, Mount Kisco, NY
Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains, Woodland Hills, CA
Progressive Productions, Black Hawk, SD
Public Schools, Maccagno, Italy
Puerto Rican Alliance Of Los Angeles, Los Angeles,ca, CA
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Qualified Public Service Interpreter, Birmingham, Uk, United Kingdom, Boston, MA
Radio Nueva América- Estocolmo, Stockholm, Sweden
Rainbow Hammock Tribe, Silver Springs, FL
Rayan, Tehran, Iran
Rays Country Store, Mt Grove, MO
Red Cross Nordic United World College, Flekke, Norway
REDH - Red Solidaria Por Los Derechos Humanos, Montevideo, Uruguay
Representative Press, Mineola, NY
Resistance (Socialist Youth Org.), Berri, Australia
RHFactor Rock Hill For Action To Organize Resistance, Rock Hill, SC
Richard Marcuse Consulting, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Roots International, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Roxanne Warren Architects, New York, NY
Russian River Times, Monte Rio, CA
Rutgers University, Fort Lee, NJ
RVH, Montreal, QC, Canada
SACUR, USA, Orange, NJ
Safe Life (ngo), Dhaka, Bangladesh
SAGE, San Jose, CA
Saint Martin's University Club Of Social Action, Lacey, WA
Salaam Theatre, New York, NY
Salina People For Peace, Salina, KS
Salvation Center And Refuge, Springfield, MA
San Francisco Friends Meeting, San Francisco, CA
San Miguel Peacewalkers, Norwood, CO
Savings Guide Magazine Inc., Salem, OR
School Sisters Of Notre Dame, Milwaukee, WI
SDA Church, Food Not Bombs, Stop The Bison Coalition, Etc., Winnipeg, MB, Canada
SDCEA, Durban, South Africa
Seacoast Peace Response, Portsmouth, NH
Seneca Humane Society, Seneca Falls, NY
Serving Soldier, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Several, Silver Spring, MD
Shahrvandpub, Toronto, ON, Canada
Shanti Stress Management, Dover, NH
Shunpiking Discovery Magazine, Halifax, NS, Canada
SISA Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Sisters Of The Holy Names Of Jesus And Mary, San Francisco, CA
SKLF, Stockholm, Sweden
Slippery Rock Peace And Justice Coalition, Slippery Rock, PA
Soceity For Freedom In Iran, Los Angeles, CA
Socialistic Youth Front, Horsens, Denmark
Society Of Helpers, St Louis, MO
Solano County, Walnut Creek, CA
Solve Et Coagula, St.gallen, Switzerland
Somerset Voices For Peace And Justice, Bridgewater, NJ
Sound Ecology, Scarborough, ME
South Asian Network For Secularism And Democaracy (SANSAD), Burnaby, Bc, Canada
Spiritbody Resources, Kennett Square, PA
Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
St. Louis Community College-meramec College Progressives For Peace, St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Instead Of War Coalition, Saint Louis, MO
St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada
St. Pete For Peace, Clearwater, FL
St. Vincent Ferrer Church, Brooklyn, NY
State Of The World Forum, Scottsdale,, AZ, Hamburg, Germany
St-Luc Hospital, Montreal, QC, Canada
Stonewall Democrats Of Collin County, Richardson, TX
Stop Terrrorkrigen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stop The War Campaign, Norwich, United Kingdom
Stop The War Coalition, London, United Kingdom
Stop The War Coalition, St Andrews, United Kingdom
Stop United States Of Aggression, Brussels, Belgium
Students For Peace And Justice At UC-Irvine, Irvine, CA
Swift Dodge Sacramento, EDH, CA
Tallahassee Codepink Women For Peace, Tallahassee, FL
TAPS -Taking Action For Peaceful Solutions, Butte, Butte, MT
Taradji Law Offices, Chicago, IL
Team Effort Against Media Madness, Clovis, CA
Teatro Nacional Sucre, Quito, Ecuador
Telecom, Garland, TX
Texans For Peace, Austin, TX
The Amazon Xociety, Houston, TX
The Audre Lorde Project, Brooklyn, NY
The Cat's Dream, London, Se11 5xz, United Kingdom
The Earth Force United Organization, Perry, MI
The Ecotopian Society, Brodhead, WI
The Freedom Liberation Movement, Sydney, Australia
The Indonesian Peace Society, Depok, Indonesia
The Management School Of Restorative Business, Wakayama, Japan
The Peacemajority Report, Lindenhurst, IL
The Prince Myshkins, Madison, WI
The Resistance, Long Beach, CA
The Sight Society, New York, NY
The Spanish Association For Standardization And Certification (AENOR), Marid, Spain
The Squid's Ink, Hoboken, NJ
The Underground College, Portland, OR
The Univeristy Of New England, Armidale, Australia
The Wonder Bear Co., South San Francisco, CA, Berlin, Germany
Thejas Daily, India
The-Origin Foundation, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA
Tom Paine Chrapter 101, Albany, Ny - Veterance For Peace, Inc., Albany, NY
Topanga Peace Alliance, Topanga, CA
Treenet, Waltenschwil, Switzerland
Tu Delft, Delft, Netherlands
Tufts University, Northport, NY
Turning Corners Group, Kailua, HI
Two Of A Kind, AFM Local 1000; Montco Progressives, Cheltenham, PA
U.P. Socialist Club, Kincheloe, MI
U.S. Citizens Against War (Florence), Florence, Italy
UAH College Democrats, Huntsville, AL
UFT-NYC, Hollywood, FL
UMC, Endicott, NY
UNG Vänster/Youth Left, Vällingby, Sweden
Unicorn Services, Wake Forest, NC
Union County Peace Council, Linden, NJ
United Church Of Christ In Japan, Hiroshima City, Japan
United Church Of Christ, Anacortes, WA
UPAJ, Peace & Justice, GSI, Oak Park, IL
UQAM, Montréal, QC, Canada
Us-El Salvador Sister Cities, Chicago, IL
Vaccination Liberation, Spirit Lake, ID
Vernier Network, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Veterans For Peace, Pacific Grove, CA
Veterans For Peace, Pueblo Chapter 129, Pueblo, CO
Veterans For Peace, San Francisco, CA
VHE, Gřrlev, Denmark
Virtual Us Peace Academy [vuspa], Lynnwood, WA, Vatican City
Vnjhkiio, Stockholm, Sweden
Voice For Peace, Gannon University, Erie, PA
Vote For Life Against The Death Penalty, Bueckeburg, Germany
We The People United Movement, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
WESPAC Foundation, New Rochelle, NY
West Raleigh Presbyterian Church Peace & Justice Committee, Raleigh, NC
West Suffolk Health Authority, Thetford, United Kingdom
Western Ma IAC/TONC, Northampton, MA
Westminster College, Delhi, India
WHCPJ, West Hartford, CT
Wilmington Peace Meetup, Wilmington, NC
Wolf Enterprises Human & Civil Rights Advocacy, Whitefish, MT
Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis, MN
Women For A Better World, Occidental, CA
Women For Peace, Finland, Helsinki, Finland
Women Speak Out For Truth & Justice, Willoughby Hills, OH
Womens International Democratic Federation, New York, NY
Womens International League For Peace & Freedom, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Worcester Stop The War Coalition, Worcester, United Kingdom
Workcomp Claims Staffing, San Leandro, CA
World Prout Assembly, Highland Heights, KY, Perth, United Kingdom, South Lake Tahoe, CA, Bologna, Italy
YCL Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Young Democrats Of Collin County, Plano, TX
Znet Italy, Zelarino, Italy

Individual signers:
A. Douglas, Providence, RI
Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor, Pan-african News Wire*, Detroit, MI
Abbas Fahr, Senior Research Scientist, National Research Council Of Canada*, Ottawa, ON, Canada...


Organizzazione Comunista Internazionalista