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che fare

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June-July 2001

Newspaper of Internationalist
Communist  Organisation

to n° 55

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Against globalised capitalism, 
and in favour of the globalisation 
of the class struggle and organisation!
For communism!


Abstract of supplement  n 55:  

  • To the "people of Seattle" on their way to Genoa
  • Capitalism is the common enemy we have to fight together..
  • The magnificent world of G8:
    Material misery
    Psychic misery
  • Are we fighting to return to the thousands of pre-capitalist worlds or to establish a new and real human community without frontiers?
  • Fight capitalism with violence or "non-violence"?
    With the organised collective strength of the exploited.
  • The magnificent world of G8:
    Zero tolerance
    Depleted uranium
    Sexual perverfsion
  • A thousand different reasons for the struggle, but only one front united around the proletariat
  • The magnificent world of G8:
    The working hours of workers (and others)
  • Self-organisation or a communist organisation? A false alternative!
  • The magnificent world of G8:
    The debt of the poor countries
    Workers’ wages in the West
  • Yes, socialism again!
  • The magnificent world of G8:
    The polarisation of wealth between the North and South of the world
    Crime: global capital’s leading industry and profit’s final frontier
  • Onward - Genoa and beyond
  • The stick of the G-8 (The Neapolitan stage of the Global Forum)
  • Read also our Special che fare after Genoa in english