Agents of “Carabinieri” and “Guardia di finanza” searched at Dhuumcatu’s headoffice last 18th September at 6.45 a. m..

The pretext was that of investigating on “international terrorism”.

In our point of view, this attack is not directed against Bachcu. If the policemen really wanted to place Bachcu under arrest, they could have done it at any time, because Bachcu frequently goes to the D.C. or Police headquarters for administrative questions.

The real purpose of this attack is to frighten the members of Dhuumcatu (above 6.000 people) and to frighten all the other immigrant workers too.

Just for this reason, in our opinion it is more and more necessary that we immigrant unite and go on fighting together for our rights, supporting also the struggles of the people of the South of the world.

These attacks do not make us surrender!

More and more strongly, we call all the immigrants to organize and to partecipate in the


manifestation coming 18th October in Rome.



-  Stay permit for all!

-  Immediate renewal of stay permits!

-  Family reunion also for children over 18!

-  Work authorization for political refugees!

-   Stop the proceedings against itinerant sellers!

-   Stop the wars to the South of the world! Usa and Europe, go out of Iraq and Afghanistan!

-    For Euro wages adequate to the cost of living!

19 settembre 2003