In the morning of last 18th September at 6:45, in Rome, officers of “carabinieri” and “guardia di finanza” have heavily searched at Dhumcatu’s head office for 4 hours. The pretext was that of investigating on “international terrorism”. In the meantime, the policemen also searched at the residences of many members of Dhumcatu. The policemen took away from Dhumcatu’s head office some computer hard disks and all the paper files regarding stay-permit demands and work trials of hundreds of immigrants. The office was turned upside down. A case containing clothes was broken with a sledgehammer. 

Dhumcatu is one of the most important and fighting associations of immigrant workers in Rome. Its members are people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and other countries. Dhumcatu has contributed to found the “Committee of migrants to Italy”. It has been fighting for years to defend immigrants’ rights, first against the Turco-Napolitano law, and than against the Bossi-Fini law. Dhumcatu is fighting against the wars of robbery and oppression that western countries wage against the peoples of the South of the World. Dhumcatu also fights side by side with Italian workers to defend the “articolo 18”. 

The action against Dhumcatu should be seen in the framework of a more general campaign of hate and racism, both institutional and extra-institutional, which has been rising for years in Italy and in all the Western countries. This racist campaign is directed mainly against Islamic immigrants and keeps pace with the Western aggression against the masses of the “Third World”. 

These actions and this policy aim to:

  • Frighten the mass of immigrant workers in order to prevent them from fighting and self-organising;
  • Prevent immigrants from openly siding with the peoples of the South of the World, every day attacked by “our” countries and governments;
  • Sow fear and suspicion among Italian workers, in order to prevent them from joining the struggle of immigrant workers, so as the weaken both these two sectors of proletarians.

A strong reaction against all that and against this further act of intimidation is necessary! Let us loudly say that the real danger for Italian workers does not come from immigration, but from capitalism with is rules and its insatiable thirst for profit and money! 

  • Against the racist Bossi-Fini law! For the unity among Italian and immigrant workers!
  • Let us support with no conditions immigrant workers’ struggle and organization!
  • Let us support with no conditions the struggle and resistance of the exploited masses of the South of the World!
  • Western and Italian troops, go out of Iraq, Afghanistan and of all the South of the World!

19 settembre 2003


Organizzazione Comunista Internazionalista