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Washingthon D.C: June, 5th 1999

of the U.S.A.!

The bombing has been interrupted, and your Government is now calling upon you to undertake an operation of "peace". But this is really a mission whose substance is no different from that of "yesterday’s" war: to attack and take possession of Yugoslavia, its resources and its peoples – and to prepare the ground for further aggression against Russia and China. To do so, it is diverting an enormous amount of resources from its social expenditure to maintaining the efficiency of a powerful war machine that is useful only for extending throughout the world a hatred of you that continues to grow from day to day.

The cost of all this will certainly not be borne by the bankers of Wall Street or the military chiefs in the Pentagon, but by you proletarian soldiers: those of you who have seen the armed forces as a defence against unemployment, and those of you from the various countries of the Third World who have come to the United States in search of a better life and a secure future. Your Government is once again calling upon you to attack other peoples guilty only of their unwillingness to kotow before its imperialist aims. You are being called upon to sow death, division and hatred in the four corners of the world, and to oppress …other proletarians such as you.
You trust in the superiority of your arms – but they can do nothing against the struggles of the people. This is made clear by the fact that you were driven out of Vietnam, by the fact that you have not managed to force Iraq to its knees, and by all of the peoples who are still rebelling against your economic diktats and military occupations. And it will be the same in Yugoslavia, if you fail to stay the murderous hand of your Government.
They say that you are being sent to defend democracy and national minorities. And of course your Government will defend them well – just as it did the native Americans, and is still doing so for black Americans, hispanic Americans and the growing masses left to vegetate in the ghettoes and on the outskirts of the metropoli. No good will come of the silence of today: ask yourselves what the Government did for the soldiers who fought in Iraq and who now, together with their families, are paying the price of diseases and deformities of every kind – or for the many who never returned from Vietnam. It simply replaced them with other deluded or desperate candidates, and then spread a veil of silence over the consequences of its criminal wars.

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Gulf War veteran and his child, Photo courthesy of Derrich Hudson

Proletarians and soldiers of the United States!
You have been the past protagonists of other highly effective struggles against the policy of aggression that your Government adopts against other proletarians and against yourselves. It is now time to resume the struggle in an even more determined manner.
Rebel against the orders of your Government, your billionaire sharks and your butcher Generals!
Refuse to fight and kill in the defence of the interests of the exploiting classes. Your fight and ours, today but also tomorrow, cannot be other than at the side of your and our class brothers of "ex" Yugoslavia (and all of the dominated countries) – against imperialism and capitalism.


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