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The text of the leaflet distributed (in various languages) at the mosque in Rome


Solidarity with the peoples of Iraq and Palestine


After 12 years of the barbarous embargo blessed by the UN, and two wars of aggression, Iraq has been occuped by the troops of the USA, Italy and their allies for more than a year.

But, despite all of this, like the heroic Palestinian people, the proud people of Iraq are resisting rather than going down on their knees.

We internationalist communists express our full solidarity with the struggle of the peoples of Iraq and Palestine, as well as with the struggle that all of the exploited peoples in the Islamic world and throughout the southern part of the globe have to sustain every day in order to defend themselves against the pillaging and iron fist of imperialism and irs local government lackeys.

The attack against your peoples is an attack against all of the exploited and oppressed. It is also an attack against Western workers, however much they may fail to realise it at the moment.

Over the last few months, they have participated in various street demonstrations in the USA, Italy and the rest of Europe, albeit without managing to stop the “infinite war” of Bush, Blair and Berlusconi, impose the unconditional withdrawal of the occupying troops, or to reject the current Western crusade against (particularly Muslim) immigrants.

These objectives can only be reached if, also here in the West, the workers do not simply stand by as onlookers or limit themselves to a Sunday walk in favour of peace. They must begin to organise a determined mass struggle (at work and in the streets) against the war-mongering policies of the American, Italian and other Western governments. The workers in Italy, the USA, Germany, Spain, etc., must start doing their part to build a united front of the Western proletariat, immigrants and workers in the Southern world against their common imperialist enemy.

In order to be able to discuss all of this together, you are invited to attend a meeting that will be held at 8.30 p.m. on Monday 26 April at our Rome Centre (Via dei Reti 19/a) in San Lorenzo.



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