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Che fare n.68 november december 2007

Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran:

let us break the silence

concerning the unending aggression!

Encapsulated in a chilling silence, undisturbed by even the so-called "no war movement", the American, Israeli and European offensive against the peoples and exploited masses of peoples of Palestin, Lebanon and Iraq continues without pause, and "operation fire swarm" against the cities and people of Iran is fast approaching.

Despite the Gaza defeat of the gang of Abu Mazen (bootlickers of the sworn enemies of the Palestinians), the military defeat of Israel at the hands of the Hezbollah, the tenacious resistance of the Iraqi people against the occupiers (albeit weakened by the disastrous clashes between Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds), and the Iranian refusal to bow down before the diktats of the West and the UN, the imperialist aggression has not yet been halted. On the contrary, the United States, Israel and Europe are actually relaunching their deadly attacks..

After a countless series of "collective punishments", dragnets, bombings, assassinations, destructions and humiliations, the Israeli government’s announcement that it wants to cut off the supplies of water, food, fuel, electricity and medicines to the Gaza Strip has the sinister sound of the beginning of a "final solution" for the million and a half people trapped in what is already little more than a concentration camp. On the other hand, between one punitive raid and another (and of course provided that they abandon Gaza to its tragic fate), the Palestinians in Trans-Jordan are being taunted by a bantustan-like hypothesis that will ensure the final geographic and political division of an economically enslaved and humbled Palestine, bled dry and dismembered by the diaspora. The United States and the European Union are supporting the Sionist state by interrupting their financial aid to the Palesinian government, thus tightening the noose around the neck of Hamas, forcing it to bow its head and collaborate in completely crushing its own people.

In Lebanon, the army’s horrendous massacre of Palestinian freedom fighters in the refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared in Tripoli is a clear indication of the true role of the "peace-keeping" forces, with the Italian troops in the front line: to incite and sustain Sinora’s policing activities, first against the Palestinian "intruders", which is exactly how things started in the 1970s, and then (and in the not too distant future) against the working Lebanese masses gathered around the Hezbollah who, like Hamas before them, are being pressurised to transform themselves into the prison guards of their own people.

In the meantime, the slaughter continues in an Iraq that has been effectively transported back to the "stone age" by the occupying troops and private born-to-kill Blackwater-style gangsters (as promised by the Yankee Baker) – although it remains unbowed and it is even possible to see the return to the battlefield of the working classes in the oil fields – as the imperialist powers join the Arab and "Islamic" bourgeoisies in their systematic attempts to sow sectarian discord and put an end to any hope of independence, and national and social rebirth, by dividing the country into three parts.

And as if all that were not enough, there is now the "socialist" Kouchner’s announcement that a new war in Iran is inevitable, and we found ourselves already in the preliminary phase of bewildering propaganda artfully aimed at creating the "right" pretexts for justifying the outbreak of large-scale hostilities with a multitude of military and above all civil targets. General Mini has already openly declared (see the 1 October edition of L’Espresso) that everything is ready for the attack and, once again, Italy has actively contributed to its preparation – also on a military level – by means of its troops om their "humanitarian" (?!) in Afghanistan.

Comrades and workers, the destruction of entire countries and the strangling of entire Arab and Middle-Eastern peoples will not only undermine the existence of millions of of our class brothers, but also strike at our own living conditions as it forces new masses of workers onto the world labour market and cripples us with the icreasing costs of parasitic militarism. It is time to break our and your complicit silences! It is time to resume the mobilisation of the strubble against the "infinite war" of the likes of Bush, Sarkozy and Prodi. Down with imperialism! Down with militarism! Down with the infinite war against the Arab-Islamic world! On with the immediate withdrawal of all imperialist troops from Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan! No to aggression against Iran! Unconditional solidarity with immigrant workers!

Che fare n.68 november december 2007

    Internationalist Communist Organization    

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