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   8th August 2018

Stop this slaughter!

 We were still writing this flyer when a tragic breaking news arrived: twelve workers died in Lesina (Foggia) in circumstances that are similar to the ones of two days ago, when four workers died between Ascoli Satriano and Castelluccio dei Sauri. What happened near Foggia is not an accident, it is the outcome of a system based on the super‑exploitation of immigrant workers.    [Read all]


     16th May  2018

Long live the “Great Return March” of the Palestinian people of Gaza!

In the last weeks the Palestinian people of Gaza have returned to tell the whole world that they do not intend to resign themselves to suffer the Israeli policy of extermination.

On 30 March 2018 the Palestinian resistance organizations in Gaza started the “Great Return March”. Since that day there are five permanent garrisons in five different locations next to the security fence built by Israel between itself and Gaza. From these garrisons, combative and participated demonstrations began on Friday 30 March, Friday 6 April and Friday 13 April.

Against the "Great Return March", Israeli government has launched its snipers, drones, bombers, guns cannons and electronic systems. Since March 30th, 44 Palestinians have been murdered and more than 5000 have been injured. [Read all the translation of our flyer, Rome 2018 may 12]   Arabo العربية  Arab


      19th February  2018

Against State and Right-Wing Racism

For the Fight and the Organization of Immigrant Workers

The attempted massacre in Macerata is not the fruit of a madman’s insanity. It is the legitimate and consequent result of the climate of racism, hostility and hatred towards immigrants that has been deliberately fomented for years by the (differentiated, but converging) centre-right and centre-left governments’ policies,

by the insistent propaganda of the mass media, by the action of more or less openly racist forces, like Salvini’s Lega or Beppe Grillo’s and Di Maio’s Five Star Movement Open the page

      13th December


Aganist the brigandish U.N. sanctions on North Korea!

( english and chinese)


      1st October 2017


Against the preparing attack on North Korea

The press and networks (always on the orders of Governments, bankers, and Western financiers) created a new “monster” to be splashed across the front page: North Korea and its President Kim Jong-un. Every day the mainstream media tell us that the "world peace", "safety", and the "global economic recovery" are seriously threatened by the "arrogant" North Korea policy and that therefore this country absolutely has to be put in “not harming conditions”.

This is essentially the same refrain and the same pile of lies and falsehoods which accompanied the bombing aggression and devastation of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Libya in recent decades.  It is the refrain that has always accompanied the Western wars of robbery. Our flier


Abd Elsalam assassineted while he struggle front on his workplace

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What we should know about the crisis in Kidapawan

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No death penalty for resisting rape!

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Hands off Libya! Hands off Middle East!

Summary of our flier


New number of "Che fare" ("What is to be done")


Against job Act!

against racism!

Against the aggression of Western powers to the arab-islamic people

The italian workers can defende themself from the stones that rain down  on their heads DON'T pounce on against the immigrants, BUT organizing with them against the Renzi government and against the apparatus of capitalistic exploitation that support it!




Shahzad murdered by institutional racism

our flier


As well as sanctions, threats and  bombings that preceded and prepared it, the "peace" that the Western  power and the UN are promoting in the Middle East serves to shackle Middle East workers of all regions  and nationalities  under the yoke of the imperialist expoloitation (first and last pages english and arabic, العربية)


The US and UE intervention in Ukraine is an attack to the workersof Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the whole world

That is at one with the ECB's anti-proletariat policy in the Eurozone and with the Renzi goverment's policy in Italy

Let's discuss togheter about these iussues

Public Assembly

and presentation of "che fare" No.80

on Thursday,22 May at 7:00 p.m. At the che fare Office via dei Reti 19/a (S.Lorenzo zone)    


New number of "Che fare" ("What is to be done")


What “brotherly help” are we talking about? The US and EU intervention in Ukraine is an attack to workers of Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the whole world


The last page of Che fare n.80

First and last

Against the Renzi Government !

Our flyer

Against the policies of the Italian, European and global capitalism,

struggle’s unity among the workers of Europe and of the other continents!

Our flyer