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 1 October 2017

Against the preparing attack on North Korea

Our flyer


Abd Elsalam assassineted while he struggle front on his workplace

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What we should know about the crisis in Kidapawan

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No death penalty for resisting rape!

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Hands off Libya! Hands off Middle East!

Summary of our flyer


New number of "Che fare" ("What is to be done")


Against job Act!

against racism!

Against the aggression of Western powers to the arab-islamic people

The italian workers can defende themself from the stones that rain down  on their heads DON'T pounce on against the immigrants, BUT organizing with them against the Renzi government and against the apparatus of capitalistic exploitation that support it!




Shahzad murdered by institutional racism

our flyer


As well as sanctions, threats and  bombings that preceded and prepared it, the "peace" that the Western  power and the UN are promoting in the Middle East serves to shackle Middle East workers of all regions  and nationalities  under the yoke of the imperialist expoloitation (first and last pages english and arabic, العربية)


The US and UE intervention in Ukraine is an attack to the workersof Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the whole world

That is at one with the ECB's anti-proletariat policy in the Eurozone and with the Renzi goverment's policy in Italy

Let's discuss togheter about these iussues

Public Assembly

and presentation of "che fare" No.80

on Thursday,22 May at 7:00 p.m. At the che fare Office via dei Reti 19/a (S.Lorenzo zone)    




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