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 Che Fare supplement  n.° 70 January February 2009

The Obama "green new deal" will bring more exploitation and new wars for the US and the entire world proletarians

The electoral defeat of Mc Cain has an important political meaning: the crisis of the neo-con project that the Republican candidate wanted to continue.

To find the principal causes of this, we have to look both at the international and the internal fronts.

On the international side, the White House, Pentagon and Wall Street terrorists have not succeeded in establishing their full control on Iraq and Afghanistan, in bringing their "order" on Latin America, in maintaining Chinese workers under the full yoke of the stars-and-stripes "Walmart-style" corporations.

On the internal side, the social cohesion is beginning to crack. Difficulties in enlisting Marines have increased. Immigrants (mainly the latinos) feel encouraged to ask for their rights. Part of the white "privileged" working class has begun to understand that they will not be able any longer to maintain their usual tenor of life and that they will be submerged by debts and squeezed by heavier and heavier working conditions.

The Wall Street collapse has strongly contributed to push these social layers to aim to a change of government: Democrats instead of Republicans; indeed, such a whish for change has found an expression only in terms of electoral mobilization.

To defend our own conditions we need something else. We need a real struggle in working places and in the streets. Obama’s policy goes in the opposite direction of the workers’ expectations.

Many workers have voted Obama. But he has thickly been voted and supported with money and publicity also by the other social strength which has allowed the victory of the Democratic candidate: the great American capital, which has supported until recently the two Bush’s presidencies.

Therefore, Obama’s strategic objective is not different from the one pursued by Bush. He wants to crush the Asian and Chinese proletariat and the Islamic working masses, and to stop and defeat the Chinese capitalism ascent. All the above has the purpose to relaunch the raising of the world-scale capitalistic accumulation, to strengthen the US domain and to reduce the impact of the worsening of the US workers conditions.

But Obama wants to achieve such an objective in another way, slightly different from the Republicans one.

Obama (and his ideologists) has understood that in this very moment the USA alone are not enough. For this reason he aims to reconstruct a better relationship with Europe and some emergent countries, such as India, to contrast China. He has understood that it is necessary to give cohesion to the internal front, and to this extent, he promises a different and more careful politics to the workers, compared to the one pursued by Bush

The truth is that Obama will distribute only poison to the US and to the entire world proletarians. For two main reasons.

First of all: the Asian proletariat crushing will not be easy. "Surgical" and "local" wars will not be enough and the US proletarians will be called massively, more than in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, to shed their blood.

In the second place: the promised "technological and ecological" raising of the stars-and-stripes imperialism (the green new deal) will lead to unbearable conditions of life for the proletarians even in the USA and will cause more and more precarious, hard and stressful rhythms and working conditions. Think, for instance, the way the great Detroit car enterprises are facing the crisis: dismissals, cancellation of contracts in force, introduction of working relations inspired to the Walmart model.

In the next future, American workers will be called to more difficult challenges. They must understand that their first enemy, with either a Democrat or a Republican at the White House, is Washington anyway. They will have to return to the tradition of theory and struggle of the communist and proletarian US and world movement, to contribute with all their efforts to relaunch the world-scale proletarian struggle against capitalism and international imperialism.

 Che Fare supplement  n.° 70 January February 2009

Internationalist Communist Organization

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