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Che fare n.80 May - October 2014

What “brotherly help” are we talking about? The US and EU intervention in Ukraine is an attack to workers of Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the whole world.

The democratic media claim that in Ukraine there was a popular uprising, and that Russia is maneuvering to impose on the country her iron fist. No, there has been no popular uprising in Kiev! Actually, those who have seized power are an alliance of political groups and para-military militia supported by the West. This alliance is directed by financiers devoted to the doctrine of the International Monetary Fund and by politicians standard-bearers for far-right Ukrainian political groups of World War II - the same who collaborated with Nazi Germany in the slaughter of workers and poor peasants of Ukraine (Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish and Polish).

The lies told about Ukraine by democratic media serve to justify in the eyes of Italian and Western workers the neo-colonial intervention in Ukraine by the USA and the EU.

Already in the past, the capitalistic Western powers tried to get their hands on the resources and labour force of Ukraine on two occasions, the first in the aftermath of World War I, and secondly during World War II. Their colonialist project failed because workers and poor peasants experienced the fate of suffering, humiliation and oppression that would be reserved to them by the Western powers and their local puppets (to whom a section of the current rulers of Kiev consider themselves heir!) and drove them away by a determined and unified struggle. Now, the United States and the EU are trying it once again. 

The projects of the USA and the EU are not identical. The EU wants to gain control of the economy and manpower of Ukraine while maintaining the unity of the country, probably together with the weave of capitalistic business run by Putin and by Ukrainian owners of Eastern Ukraine’s industries. The United States want to crush the country, placing a wedge in the energized (and dangerous for Washington) Euro-Asian business relations among Germany, Russia and China. In both cases, to workers of Ukraine is reserved a “cure” based on redundancies, increased exploitation, increased downward competition with workers of the EU, Russia and the Far East.

          Here is the freedom that the West is trying to "bring" to Ukraine! The freedom to exploit at will the country's labour force and plundering its mineral wealth (iron, coal, fertile land)! The freedom to push Ukrainian women to prostitution! The freedom to establish outposts in Ukraine to deploy the imperialist conquest further east of the Don, towards the hundreds of millions of workers of Russia and China!

The "new" rulers who settled in Kiev sing the praises of the independent and free Ukraine, but actually they are pawns in the hand of the Western slaughterers. Workers themselves, who - especially in Western Ukraine - had believed and believe they can build a better future by relying on the plans and promises of Brussels, are now becoming aware of it, after the first economic and public order measures taken by the Yatseniuk Government.

Ukrainian workers cannot defend themselves from Western attack by counting on the Russia of Putin and on the pro-Russian Ukrainian ruling groups. It is true that this perspective, in the short term, could ensure to the workers of Ukraine a lower deterioration of life and work conditions. This perspective, however, although in a different way, exposes the workers of Ukraine on mutual divisions and puts them in competition with workers of other countries.

Moreover, Putin and Yanukovitch are enemies of the only weapon that, as historical experience shows, can build a barrier against the Western aggression: the class unitary struggle of the Russian and Ukrainian workers, all of them projected to build a front of international struggle together with the exploited of other countries, who are strangled by the same imperialist plundering hand and have, for this reason, the same interest in transforming the competition among workers induced by the Western multinationals and finance (as well as by the bourgeoisies of emerging countries) in an international struggle to equalize upwards working conditions in the various countries and continents.

Western aggression to Ukraine is an attack against the EU’s workers too, both European and immigrant. The more the Ukrainian workers will be under the yoke of the Western powers, the more this situation will be used by the Western multinationals and finance as a weapon of blackmail against workers of Western Europe and other East Europe countries.

No indifference, therefore, about the new crime that the democratic West (after the “civilizing" missions against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya) is making against Ukraine! No indifference, but unconditional support to any Ukrainian workers’ attempt - in Kiev, in Donetsk, in Simferopol – to bar the way of the conquest of their country and lives by the robber barons of the democratic West!

Che fare n.80 May - October 2014

Internationalist Communist Organization

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