Immigrant workers,

the attack on Twin Towers and Pentagon has been an event of a continuos and implacably war that West States, and in front line USA, conduct against South World exploited people.

All exploited people are perfectly entitled to theyr sentiment of satisfaction watching for some days the State boss of the world dropping down, even if with their dolour for the lost of human and innocent life.

For millions of exploited people in Middle East, Asia, South America, Africa and Balkans the destruction of some symbols of the financial and military West States empire is a little compensation for the millions of dead that the financial and bombing politic of this empire produce in their country.

In the meantime, for Usa and West countries, these events are the excuse to increase their war against exploited of all the world. In particular, they are preparing these war with a big campain against islamic people, because their goal is not some islamic chief but the terroristic mass destruction of any resistence to their exploitation order.

Many of you just know and have experience of the repression and of the anti-immigrants sentiments that this campain is instilling in west people. For the west States the immigrants of all nationality are only a source of income to reduce in silence also in West Country by discrimination and abolition of any rights... and so the campain of war against islamic people is accompained with the new italian law against immigration that reduce any guarantee of stay permit and consider the immigrants without stay permit as criminal.

We know that for these facts you are entitled to hate any class of west people. Now there are very few workers voices speaking in a distinct way from your and their exploiters. Even if the demostration against G8 show us that is possible a mobilitation of west working class against imperialism. We know the troubles and the loliness in wich you live in these days. For these motives we, as Internationalist Communist Organization, have today, as always, a principal goal: the unconditional support of your struggle and action.

We are and will be lined up at your side against the imperialist aggression that they prepare against your countries and your brothers; we are and will be lined up at your side in the struggle against the new immigration law, and our seats and our forces are at your disposal to defend you from the physical ad politic attacks of the actual anti-immigrants campain.

We are and will be at our place, to conduct our campain between italian workers for the class unity of exploited against the barbarity of capitalistic system.