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Newspaper of Internationalist Communist Organization

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new051.gif (4999 byte) Summit Fao in Rome 2002

Statement of OCI against repression 

Let's globalize the fight and the class organization (for Porto Alegre - also espa˝ol)

An internationale struggle. An Anti-capitalistic perpective (against the WEF in New York) 

Long life to the argentine working class in struggle against globalized capitalism 

For a militant solidarity with the immigrants workers and all  the exploited masses of the South of the world
Let's mobilize against the new Usa-Nato aggression to the arab islamic peoples!
The attack against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon

Special che fare after Genoa in english 
Special che fare in english for the Genoa global Forum

Against World Economic Forum
(Davos 27/1/01, Neaples 17/3/01)

The lesson of Seattle

Against the Yankee (and european) aggression in Colombia!

The struggle of korean proletariat is our struggle!

Long Live the uprising of oppressed palestinian masses


What is Internationalist Communist Organization

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