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17 October 2009


Fight legalized racism

Against the “pacchetto sicurezza”

Full and complete rights for immigrants


Immigrant workers,

in Italy and in the Western countries, governments and capitalists want you as slaves without any rights. The so-called “pacchetto sicurezza”, the Bossi-Fini law, the endless expulsions, the racist aggressions, the sinking of immigrants’ boats, and all the abuses you are forced to suffer every day have the purpose to blackmail and frighten you, in order to prevent you from organizing and fighting.

Sometimes, the authorities make promises, but it is only words they say in order to convince you to stop your fight. It is only words that should not be trusted.


The racism that the government and the mass media are sowing has the purpose to put Italian workers against immigrant workers, in order to set off a “war among workers”


Against all this, we can and must react by fighting and self-organizing, keeping and strengthening the unity between immigrant workers and Italian workers.


·        Stay-permit for all with no conditions


·        For a unitary movement on a national scale of immigrant workers of every race, religion and nationality


·        For the unity and for a common fight between Italian and immigrant workers against the capitalists and the government


·        For a militant self-defense against racist aggressions


·        Against the racist and repressive campaign towards Islamics and towards all the immigrants


·        Unconditionally standing by the fight and resistance of Afghan people and of all the South of the world against the Western imperialism’s aggression


17 October 2009

Internationalist Communist Organization

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