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18 January 2014


Against the policies of the Italian, European and global capitalism,

struggle’s unity among the workers of Europe and of the other continents!


The Italian government and the other European governments are continuing their efforts to go toward the constitution of the United States of Europe.

This action is accompanied by an intense campaign calling for workers to sustain and support this Europeistic policy. The proletarians of Europe are told that they will be able to protect their own conditions only if a big continental capitalistic block will be built. A European block which is able to face giants like the United States or China.

The reality is quite different. The construction of a United Europe will not bring any age of peace and prosperity for workers. In the name of the European Union, today the capitalists and their governments fire workers, cut wages, cut retirement benefits, cut healthcare spending, increase work precariousness, and require sacrifices. Tomorrow, in the same name, they will push European workers in a downward competition against workers of other continents, even more than it already is now.

In such a situation, it is totally unrealistic hoping to continue to defend one’s work and life condition on a national scale, leaving the euro and returning to the national currencies: this is not the way, because the wheel of history cannot be turned back. The attack of the capitalists proceeds inexorably on a continental and global scale, and it is at this level that must be accepted and fought the challenge for the defense of their living and working conditions.

The policies of Italian government, of Confindustria and of the big European and globalized capitalism have to be fought by working on the construction of the political, organizational and struggle’s unity among the proletarians of Europe, beyond the individual national borders. And moving towards the unity with the exploited of the other continents, which, from China to Bangladesh, from South Africa to South-East Asia, in the these years and months are striking in streets, factories and mines, fighting to improve their wages and conditions (in the total silence of the media).


Let us discuss together about these topics.


Public Assembly

and presentation of no. 79 of “che fare”

 at the “che fare” Office

Milano via Ricciarelli, 37

Monday, 10 February at 21.00

Torino via Vagnone 17\A

Thursday, 13 February at 17.30

Marghera piazza Municipio 14 ("Gardenia" Center)

Mondey 27 January at 18.00

Rome - Via dei Reti 19/a (S. Lorenzo zone)

Thursday, 23 January at 18.30


18 January 2014

Internationalist Communist Organization

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