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1st October  2017

Against the preparing attack on North Korea

 The press and networks (always on the orders of Governments, bankers, and Western financiers) created a new “monster” to be splashed across the front page: North Korea and its President Kim Jong-un. Every day the mainstream media tell us that the "world peace", "safety", and the "global economic recovery" are seriously threatened by the "arrogant" North Korea policy and that therefore this country absolutely has to be put in “not harming conditions”.

This is essentially the same refrain and the same pile of lies and falsehoods which accompanied the bombing aggression and devastation of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Libya in recent decades.  It is the refrain that has always accompanied the Western wars of robbery.

 The real "guilt" of the North Korean people is their refusal to prostrate and kneel before the diktats of the dollar and euro and sterling Lords.

What "Peace, Security and Prosperity"?! The aggression against North Korea (today by means of an infamous embargo with the blessing of the UN, and tomorrow - if "necessary and possible" - by means of fighter-bombers) is an important step to then focus on China and the whole Asia.

 Since years, the strategic goal of the United States (whose military spending is almost 600 billion dollars a year, about 15 times the entire GDP of North Korea) and of its European allies is to prepare for the big clash with Beijing to bring down the "great Chinese competitor" in order to sink their claws on Asian continent’s endless resources, monopolistically exploiting them. To begin first with the huge mass of Asia’s workers and proletarians that Western imperialism aspires to exploit exclusively.

 The workers of Europe (native and immigrants) must reject this false propaganda. Accepting and trusting such propaganda would mean to be even more closely chained to Western governments’ and capitalists’ chariot, leading us to a fratricidal clash with the workers of Asia and the other continents. 

A clash that today is being fought in international markets on the sweating, labor and exploitation of those who live on their own work. But a clash that one day will call the proletarians to wear a military uniform and become cannon fodder for the profit of the master.

 That is why it is necessary to begin collectively discussing, denouncing and contrasting the real causes and the true interests behind the attack on North Korea. 

That is why it is necessary to begin reflecting about how the proletarians cannot defend their class interests hand-in-hand with “their own” government, “their own” country, “their own” capitalists and against "other" workers, but just going in the very opposite direction and starting to prepare the ground for first moments of contact, organization and discussion with the workers of other countries and continents.

 1 October 2017

Internationalist Communist Organization    

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