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     8th August 2018

Stop this slaughter!

 We were still writing this flyer when a tragic breaking news arrived: twelve workers died in Lesina (Foggia) in circumstances that are similar to the ones of two days ago, when four workers died between Ascoli Satriano and Castelluccio dei Sauri. What happened near Foggia is not an accident, it is the outcome of a system based on the super‑exploitation of immigrant workers. This condition is not the “logical consequence” of a presumed backwardness of the south of Italy but it relates to the capitalistic modernity. Caporali and the mafias are, in fact, at the service big agrobusiness companies and large retailers!

 In the logic of the market the backwardness and the exploitation produce, now more than ever, development and richness mainly for the bourgeoisies of the imperialistic countries.

Western governments at the service of the latter, Salvini-Di Maio is in frontline, are fully responsible for what is happening! Their racist policies want to guarantee the super‑exploitation of the immigrants, the division and the competition between “protected” white workers and immigrant workers. 

To avoid episodes like the one of Foggia it is necessary to not trust the institutions and the government at all, but to see them as enemies. 

It is necessary to be organized, as immigrant workers, in the struggle for fair conditions of life! It is essential that Italian workers start to see immigrants not as their competitors but as potential allies, with whom fight together to obtain better conditions of life and work! 

Against government and padroni’s policies and against all the war policies that western countries are carrying out in Africa and Middle East, policies consisting of military aggression and robbery that are the other side of racism and oppression!

8th August  2018

Internationalist Communist Organization    

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