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At the side of the resistance of the Iranian and the entire Middle East-working masses !

On 2 January 2020, the United States murdered in Baghdad (Iraq) the Iranian general Qasim Soleimani.

This murderer is the last act of the criminal war that the US and European countries have been waging against the Muslim and Middle Eastern populations for decades, although with partly different policies. The aim is to plunder its natural wealth and, above all, to enslave the workers of these countries. And this happens directly at their home, in the factories affiliated to the multinationals, but also here in Europe as superseded immigrants.

In recent years this war of oppression and plunder has seen continuous economic and military assaults: sanctions against Iraq, then the bombing of Iraq and the neo-colonial occupation of the country; sanctions against Iran; the destruction of the Gaddafi Libyan republic; the attempt to break up Syria, carried out with the help of local mercenary forces; Israel’s permanent infernal siege against the Palestinian people; the Israeli air raids in Lebanon and Syria against popular forces, which are unwilling to kneel down the world order of dollar and euro...

People and exploited who do not intend to bend their heads.

The working people of the Middle East tried to defend and are defending themselves against this criminal steamroller. In Gaza, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in the Arabic peninsula. The need to stem an omnipresent enemy (the imperialist West) is pushing the exploited in the area to overcome the national and religious divisions that keep them apart, in order to coordinate their resistance in a single front from Iran to Gaza and to Yemen.

This proletarian resistance is interwoven with two other thrusts of a different social nature, but both enemies of the Western plans of domination:

- the push of the Iranian bourgeois ruling class, which does not intend to stay in the USA's pocket, as it happened in the days of the Shah;

- the thrust of the Chinese bourgeoisie, which wants to continue to climb positions in the world capitalist hierarchies. To do this, China needs access to Middle Eastern oil, to establish fruitful business relations with the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East, especially with Teheran.

The US wants to stop this. They want to plunge the Middle East region into chaos and isolate Iran economically and militarily. In this way they could attack China from behind, to get their hands on the working masses of China, the true golden goose for Western capitalists.

The Iranian general Soleimani was one of the main leaders of the attempt to create a cross-national and trans-religious bourgeois-popular resistance front against the American and European sabotage of the area. That was his fault. That's why Washington and Bruxelles labeled him as a terrorist. That's why the Trump administration wanted to eliminate him. And that's why the working masses in the Middle East and Iran have rightly seen this event as a blow against them, against their irreducible aspiration to national and social redemption.

Italy and other European countries have not approved Trump’s act of war. Why? Because they think another tactic is more advantageous, in order to impose their full control on the manpower and resources of the area. A tactic based on: economic pressures, hidden manoeuvres of their military contingents in the Middle East, support for those sectors of the Middle Eastern bourgeoisies who are willing to accept the impositions of the lords of the world. But the Italian government and other European governments agree with Trump on the fundamental point: for the peoples of the area it is forbidden to resist the dictatorship of the West and the terrorism of the Western state. For this reason the Italian Government and Brussels condemned the sacrosanct response by which Iran struck two US and Western bases in Iraq on 8 January 2020. And that's why the Italian Government has rejected the demands of the Iraqi Government, the Iranian Government and the peoples of the region to withdraw Western military troops from Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

The war in Middle East concerns Western workers too, both indigenous and immigrant.

Italian, European and Western workers have an interest in rejecting the poisoned pact offered by their governments.

They ask to Italian, European and Western workers to support their policies of stifling the resistance of the peoples and working masses in the Middle East. And they promise that, in this way, western workers will be able to gain some crumbs from the banquet that Western financiers and industrialists would like to make in case of victory. But the oceanic participation at the funeral of General Soleimani has shown that the oppressed masses in the Middle East will not be beaten without fighting, without the war being brought to the West, without the Western workers being forced to pay a devastating blood price too. Some crumbs will eventually reach only a selected minority of working people: for the great majority only tears and blood.

Italian and Western workers, both indigenous and immigrant, have an interest in unconditionally supporting the resistance of the Middle Eastern working masses, whatever the political and religious flag behind which they are today forced to side not to surrender. Only together with the class brothers of the Middle East, only with a common front of struggle, the workers of the Western countries will be able to defend themselves against an enemy, imperialism, which oppresses both, though in a different way and measure.

Unconditional and militant solidarity here in Western countries, even by only a small minority of workers, with the resistance of the exploited in the Middle East would have a huge and favourable effect on the clash in the Middle East:

- this would strengthen the attempts by which the exploited in the Middle East are trying to overcome the national and religious barriers that still divide them and that are powered by the West, as emerged last year, for example, with the unnatural contrasts in Syria between Arabs and Kurds and Turks;

- this would make it more difficult for Western countries to manipulate on their own behalf, with the collaboration of the local bourgeois social strata sold to imperialism, the popular protests against the living cost in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon in recent months;

- this would make less difficult for the exploited in the Middle East to follow the path towards a truly effective anti-imperialist policy, free from the “moderation” of the current anti-imperialist directions (including the Iranian one) and from the illusion that in the fight against the imperialism is possible to count on the Russia or China support.

It is true that the Russian, Chinese and Iranian bourgeoisies have an interest in opposing the plans of the US and Western countries in the Middle East. But they fear and are unable to organise the only strength which could eradicate the rapacious hand of imperialism: the unitary struggle of the working masses of the Middle East behind a program of coherent class unification!

For the withdrawal of Italian and Western troops from the Middle East!

For the unity of international and internationalist struggle among Western workers, immigrants from the South of the world in Europe and United States and the working masses of the Middle East!


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