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6.12.2007    Foto
Protest march in LJubljana
capital city of Slovenija ex republic of former Jugoslavija!

70000 protestors took the streets of Slovenijan capital Ljuljana on 17th.November ! 2007. 
Trade unions, pensioners and students, left wing  activists, anti war movements and comunists groups walked together and demanded higher salaries for workers. The average salary is about 1200 Euros per month in Slovenija but 75% of workers did not earn this sum of money. 80000 workers are working for miserable minimum salary which is only 350 ! 400 Euro per month. Slovenija has the highest inflation rate in EU - 5,2% - and it is caused by the Euro as new currency. The protest was organized by SSS - Svobodni Sindikati Slovenije (Free Unions of Slovenija). There are about 20% of 2 million inhabitants of Slovenija that live in poverty. Food prices and electricity  went skyhigh for 25 30 % in year 2007 in Slovenija.

A picture of the demonstration:
Demonstrators also protested against the ! right wi ng neo-fascist PM of Slovenija, Janez Jansa, one of war mongers and profiteers of Jugoslav wars back in 1991! PM Jansa was one of the organizers of weapons' smuggling in Croatia and Bosnia in 1991-1994, he had charge of Defense minister in government in this years. His bunch of war profiteers broke the international law and UN weapons' embargo in the area of for! mer Jugoslavija.

Death to fascism freedom to the people! Fight for solidarity and social state! Socialism not capitalism! 

Revolutionary! bureau for public information Slovenija / Slovenija communist commitee.
Rudolf Baloh

    Internationalist Communist Organization    

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