Immigrants workers,
The USA and his Europeans allies (with the Italian government on the front line) have rised a hell of fire, under the banners of the "International Law" and "humanitarian rights". The same "international laws" and "humanitarian rights" in name of which, in this last ten years, with a hail of bombs and with the murderous embargo blessed by ONU, the irakeni masses are martyred. The butcher's hand, that hit the Balkans, is the someone that have already hitted in Libya, in Somalia, and that every day trust his knife into the back of the Kurdish and the Palestinian people, and that day by day, spreads death in the Arabic and Islamic area.
It is the same hand that two months ago shouted the Rumanian miners in strike and that - during this ten years worked to break down the ex-Yugoslavia, that have impoverished and reduced Albania into a colony. The same hand that have sinked and continue to sink the rubber dinghy's on which thousand of Slavic, Albanian, Asian and African proletariat try to land on the Italian coast.
The brutal bombing on Serbia and Kossovo is an integral part of this general robbery war and exploitation that the western imperialism is launching, with growing brutality, against the exploited masses of the world. It is a piece of that robbery and devastation that have drived your mainlands into poverty and starvation and that force you to leave your countries coming in the West where you are received with other oppression, exploitation and daily humiliations. The caused war against Yugoslavia and Iraq is not directed against only one country (or even more untrue) against an only ruler: either the booms against Belgrade or the one's against Baghdad are always throwed against all of you workers and exploited of the world! This are always bombs tbrowed against who doesn't want to bend his head and to bow to the imperialist diktats! The dollar masters and their worthy accomplices try in any way to keep this truth, as they fear worse than death, your potential unification in organization and struggle.
And exactly to prevent this unification that the western powers - meanwhile cause and incite (for their own profits) ethnic and religious hatreds in your countries, here in the West, they act with violence and wiliness to devide your ranks and to separate you community from community.
The Italian government is in the front line in this project of division meanwhile he use always more often police repression against you and fit out "prisons camps"; in the same time he use the immigrants "sanatory" to oppose one to the other, and act to put you in concurrence to better blackmail and submit all.
Against this imperialist attempt to maintain and make deeper divisions among our ranks, we have to reply building up our common battle for our rights and we have to express all our class solidarity - over every racial, nation and religious difference - to the Yugoslavs people attacked by the same common imperialist enemy.
Immigrants workers, we - comrades of the International Communist Organization - are aware of the thousand of blackmails and difficulties you are subject. For this reason, while we fight with all our forces to weak up our western working class from her apathy and torpor to take part and support your strike, while we reconfirm our total and unconditional support to all your struggles and to all the revolts, from the South and the Eastern world, that rise against our Governments and imperialist States, at the same time we point to you that all ours party seats are open to organize our common battle against the imperialist attack to Yugoslavia and all over the South of the world, to gather news of any your denunciation, to organize ourselves and to fight together.


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