El Litisky "Cuneo"

In this page we publish texts of hand bills or article published
on the che fare newspaper about topical subjects concerning the class struggle.

The page is updated continuously by the taking up
of a stands elaborated by the centre or by various division of our organization.


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At present there are available the following topics

OCI campaign against NATO aggression to the Serbia
To the page against Nato Aggression
  1. Let's mobilize against the new Usa-Nato aggression to the arab islamic peoples!
  2. The attack against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon
  3. Everyone to Genoa against globalised capitalism (from che fare n. 55)
  4. Against the World Economic Forum (Davos 27/1/01)
  5. Against the Yankee (and european) aggression in Colombia!
  6. The struggle of korean proletariat is our struggle!
  7. Long Live the uprising og oppressed palestinian masses 20/10/2000
  8. The lessson of Seattle
  9. Southern Lebanon: the resistance of the lebanese masses forces Israel to withdraw.... (from che fare n░ 53)
  10. For the World March of Women in Washington 15-16/10/2000
  11. Initiative against Economic Globalization in Prague october 2000
  12. To immigrants workers (for the immigrants demonstration in Rome e Brescia 17-17/6/2000)
  13. In support of immigrants (a leaftet given out in november '99 in Turin during a rally organized by immigrants).
  14. The military attack against Jugoslavia  (From che fare n░ 49)
  15. Hand off Kosovo    
  16. Against the criminal imperialist aggression in Iraq (From che fare n░48)
  17. Against state repression and racism (In support of immigrants che fare n░47 )
  18. Lega Nord: a political lesson of international significance ( From che fare n░ 44)
  19. Against the international attack of the buorgeoisie (Our intervention to international meeting of left reformist parties in Paris, against unemployment -may 96).

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