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The streets riots, the actions of expropriations, the general masses mobilization – in a few words – the popular struggle of the Argentineans masses have carried to the escape of President De La Rua and the super minister Cavallo (the man of the International Monetary Fund), it has kicked out all the government that was ruling the country on the behalf of the international Finance, the big western power centre, the western capitalism. In more and more obvious way for the Argentineans masses the struggle in the country is between the working class and the humanity of the oppressed and the bloodsucker satraps of Wall Street and London, Rome and Paris Stock Markets, and their social order. The armed arm of the Argentineans Democracy that killed 27 people, trying to put down the riot, has attacked to defend this international capitalist order; the same one for which – in this same days – the Palestinian masses are incessantly murdered, the Islamic exploited are terrorized with bombs of 7 ton, and an equal treatment is threatened for all those people and countries that refuse to be submitted to the western owners.

The Argentinean National Governments, until yesterday the De La Rue’s left-coalition, before Men em’s Government, as now the last one, even if they try to take the clothes of the nationalistic rhetoric (just to trick the masses), sometimes even with "anticapilistic" accents, are other is not that puppets (as their predecessors, the military butchers), to the orders of who hold the debts, of who – in this years take possessions of the productive structure of the country, that is to say the north-American and European capitalist principal powers.

Toda gente al cacerolazoOn the one hand, around the Argentineans class struggle, that have so upset our pacific and democratic "public opinions" because of the violence that bring the private property of the Banks and the supermarkets into question (a violence that doesn’t disturb the bourgeoisie "normality" if is directed against the pour people of the crumbling suburbs and of the deep social disintegration), the international and imperialist institutions are get ready to reassure the western stock markets about the solidity of the international Finance.

On the other hand they are ready to put a security line around the struggle of the Argentinean masses that can be taken as example for millions of people all over the world that are victims of the same robbery. This is why the national debt of the country can be renegotiated or deferred, but not cancelled, has it have to remain like a loop to the neck, on the destinies of the Argentinean proletarians.

The social revolt in Argentina of the last December is only a stage of the proper class struggle in progress in the country. The struggle can be described as "spontaneous" as it as not been directed or recalled by any officials political or trade union organizations (all – in different size – involved with this corrupted social order) but the revolt did not blow up suddenly in the "empty space" of the class action and organization. It is years that the recovery plains ordered by the "markets", have found a social class opposition from the Argentinean working class, a resistance that in the last months has been gone strengthening. The 2001 have seen the proclamation of 6 general strikes, but two are the particularly emblematic experiences of the growing class movement.

The first. The strike movement of the Piqueteros, prolerians that have realized that the defence of their own living conditions and their dignity of working people can be not delegated to any official institutions, have passed to the action, squatting and stopping the traffic – several times – of the big street arteries. Against the spreading and the radicalisation of this struggle the Argentineans Government has not hesitated to launch his gendarmerie.

The second. The tenacious struggle of the ceramist labourers of the Zanon Factory in Patagonia. Here at first the labourers have fought in order to defend salaries and workplaces from the owners, then when these in name of the "markets necessity"" asked to close the factory, they have replied taking in their hand the factory management and involving in their struggle an active solidarity net of all the population, the entire argentine struggle movements, the piqueteros, the unemployed, the other working class sectors in struggle. Round to it they have recalled at moments of comparisons and coordination in sight of a unity action that must necessarily cross the borders of the single factory, the single province, the single working category.

For some delicate Italian and Western palates, for our local "truly democratic", that are political dissenter of the "liberalism" and "globalisation" in the name of a "human face" capitalism, that can avoid the "apoplectic fit" of the struggle and the class violence, we like to remind that during the national meeting of the piquetero movement held on September 4, the mothers of Plaza de Mayo, begin to speak in this terms: "When those sons of the bich (pointing to the Government Palace) say that we are terrorists, that means that our struggle is on the right direction. For this reasons, we will continue to be terrorists more than we can and we will break the balls more than we can."

Marcia delle Madres contro il terrorismo di stato The class movement and the class vanguards have come placing, beyond the obyiectives of contingent characters, the fundamental principles tied with the general question of the worker’s control on the production and among the power of the working class on the management of the "common welfare" and the State. And it is very comprehensible then the authentic fear that has gotten hold the international institutions, even if masked behind the word of order given to the Media to tranquillise and – if possible – to hide the class struggle in Argentina.

In game there are not only billions of dollars that risk to evaporate, there is the mortal risk that a national section of the worldwide proletariat can places its alternative of class power against the capitalist and imperialist dictatorship.

The Argentina proleriat has undertaken the way that doors towards the increase of its struggle abilities and possibilities, of its conscience, towards the formation of its independent political organization. This represent the best guarantee not only regarding their necessity of fighting for power but also in order not to end bridled from possible "political alternatives", placed in field by the different bourgeoisie sections that could discover newly the "topics" of the "native land and the national and patriotic dignity" against the foreign interferences. Yankee in the first place. Political "alternatives" finalized to drown the class and struggle interests to the inside of the false and "common" interest around the "native land" and the "honest" argentines. Eventualities that seems remote, but not to rule out in absolute.

The Argentina proletariat, under the blows that weight on their shoulder, will not stop the fight, we are sure. Now it is time for us, as westerns proletariat and vanguards, to make our duty.



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