Workers, young people,
beyond the consternation produced by events such as the attacks in New York and Washington, we must understand that they're the result of the growing hatred caused by the plunder and the oppression perpetrated by the western countries against the people of the South of the world. 

It's not conceivable that plunder, exploitation, starvation and destruction produced by the domination of the imperialist powers in the large majority of the peoples of the world couldn't bring any consequence in the western countries. 

Today, on the tide of the feelings roused by these attacks, western governments are trying to create consent in order to strengthen their aggression policy and to break out a new war of tremendous violence, the purpose of which is to punish and to terrorize the arab and islamic exploited peoples and, together with them, the masses of the South of the world in order to stop their unbowed resistance against the oppression. 

This is the “evil” that Bush, Berlusconi, Sharon and all of other political representatives of the capitalistic interests want to eradicate and they're aimed to begin this operation with the palestinian Intifadah. And the “good” they want to establish with even nuclear bombings is nothing but the right of this rotten capitalistic white "civilization" to exploit and plunder the whole world for ever (this is the justice they're talking about).

The events of september 11th  and the reaction of the western countries impose us to recognize that the world peace is actually a war. This war between exploiters and exploited peoples (a class war and not a religious war) doesn't permit any kind of neutralism: on the one side or on the other one. Our task is to build a class front beginning from the new imperialist aggression and against the big murderers which are the G8-states and at the side of the oppressed peoples, against the globalized capitalism which is sheding starvation and blood all over the world.

The proletariat and the young people of the West don't have to take side with the gangsters assaulting their brothers of the South of the world. Such a draw up would mean a self-enchainment to that policy of sacrifice, repression and mourning thousand of times bigger than the one suffered in the last years.

Their tasks, our tasks are: