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We're publishing here the English  version of one of the fliers distributed by our militants in the days after the attacks of september 11th.
This test was also distributed by our militants in the rallies which took place in Washington on september 29th  against the new terroristic aggressions prepared by the US government together with the other western governements.
We consider the several pacifistic demonstrations in the USA which immediately took place as a very important sign altough sometime we don't agree in a total manner with their political positions.
We know how difficult it is to take a flat position when both the government and the capitalists are trying to make use of the feelings produced by the attacks; for this reason we have highest respect and admiration for those people we met in the streets of Washington in spite of blackmails and pressures expressed by medias and institutions.
The signs coming from the Usa, although expressed by small minorities, are the best antidote to contrast a growing common feeling existing in the world which is not able to separate between its justified hatred against the imperialistic policy of the US state and its wrong attitude against the US people. The flat separation from the responsibilities of the own men in power together with the struggle against their plundering and terroristic policy is an instrument which can be helpful on the difficult way to the international unity of the exploited peoples of the whole world against the worldwide capitalistic domination.

Letís stay in our place

Letís unconditionally support the arab and islamic masses oppressed by the imperialism

The real terrorist work in the White HouseItís an act of war, said Bush. Yes, itís true. The war however didnít start on september 11th. It was sparked off decades and centuries before by western colonialism and imperialism, with the plunder of all of the peoples in the South of the world.

As a result of this plundering, exploiting and aggressive policy which has been and is conducted with most efficient and murderous weapons (napalm and phosphorus bombs, "intelligent" missiles, depleted uranium and all of other technological delights of the western civilization used in the latest military missions such as the ones in Palestine and in Iraq) two-thirds of the world are now a huge powder keg full of hatred against imperialism, its armies, its policy and its symbols and where millions of people are ready for anything to fight the murderous West.

The attack against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon is an act that the arab and islamic oppressed masses feel as a small compensation for the robbery and the oppression perpetrated by our "civilized" states which they must suffer every day and for the permanent terroristic military aggressions which western armies hypocritically conduct in the name of the "peace" and "humanitarism".

Among the peoples and the proletariats in the West the attack of september 11th immediately produced consternation, dread and fear. These feelings are fully understandable since we suddenly discovered that weíre in the front line of a war, which cannot be watched as a TV-fiction at home during the dinner; a war that can really enter our lifes, our work places.

The spontaneous reaction is to "opt out", to say "Iíve nothing to do with it". No, wether we like it or not we cannot opt out. When for centuries long people only know starvation, poverty, epidemics; when peopleís life is sacrificed for the benefit of stock exchanges and the world finance, then every kind of fight is legitimate.

We cannot opt out. We must definitively take cognizance that we cannot go on and pretend not to understand or, even worse, to show our agreement with the plunder and exploitation of human and material resources, with the wars conducted by the western democracies in the name of the so-called international law, that is in the name of the rights the super-powers are supposed to have to exploite and subjugate the rest of the world. We cannot go on and turn our head so that we wonít see the massacre Ė this is terrorism!- perpetrated by the NATO and the UN against the peoples of the Third World and then suddenly be surprised and horrified if some blood-drops of the river of blood shed in the South of the world touch us closely.

Naples demonstration against Nato 27/9/01Until from the western countries wonít rise the same fight shout against these violence and terror machines which are the western states, against the imperialist capital and its plunder and exploitation, the oppressed masses of the poor countries will think of the western world as an homogeneous one, in which all social classes are unified. Itís our task Ėthrough our struggle- to demonstrate that here in the West there isnít only an enemy but also a strong ally. Itís necessary and urgent that the western proletariat openly and conflictually keeps separate its own responsibilities from the responsibilities of the states and of the bourgeoisie, which are the main recipients of the plundering and aggressive policy against the peoples of the Third World.

In the name of the profit the bourgeoisie is now about to progressively attack those attainments obtained by the western proletariat through his hard struggle of the past years (a struggle which was favoured also by the parallel growth of the anti-imperialist strggle in the oppressed countries).

These states, together with the representatives of the financial power and of the political parties of the bourgeoisie are now asking us Ė while setting us on all sides Ė to express our solidarity and our support for the fight against the rebellion growing in the South of the world. The clear message is to join all other classes and build the "union sacrťe" of the West in order to better crush and plunder the oppressed peoples with the promise to keep some crumbs for us or, at least, to slow down the attack against us.

We must return this invitation to the sender because "a people oppressing another one will never be free". Besides, this iniquitous agreement would bring us nothing else but our suicide as a class. Capitalistic difficulties worldwide are growing more and more in spite of the huge increase of the plundering policy against the Third World of these latest years: this means that the bourgeoisie cannot avoid any longer to attack its own proletariat. For this reason the working class support of the imperialist policy of the bourgeoisie and its unavoidable growing militarism, authoritarianism would mean to enforce our class enemy in its attack against us.

Washington 29/9/01 Against warWe have an alternative. We must deploy on the other trench and enforce the struggle and class consistency of the rebellion expressed by the boundless oppressed masses of the whole world in order to strike together at the root the capitalist power. Itís our task here in the West to develop the enormous struggle strength showed by the people oppressed by the imperialism into a decisive part of the worldwide unified class army fighting against the inhuman and uncivilized capitalistic society, which produces only violence, exploitation and alienation in order to maintain an antihistorical and antisocial system based on the production for profit to the detriment of the large majority of the mankind.

We will be able to carry out this task only if we recognize the rights of the boundless masses struggling to free themselves from imperialism and if we fight uncompromisingly against the new military aggressions that the imperialism is about to organize against the "damned of the earth". Letís refuse any kind of support to the oppressive and terroristic states of the West; letís appeal to the international and fraternal class unity among all of the masses dominated by the globalized capitalism. Letís fight against the racism that the ruling class is trying to shed against arab and islamic people and in order to worsen the conditions of all the immigrants.

We can do it, we must do it because we have nothing to lose but our chains as slaves of the capitalism Ėalthough relatively privileged. On the other side we have the possibility to get over the barbarism to which the capitalistic exploitment is dragging us and so to attain a new world built for the mankind.



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